Puerto de Indias is the first strawberry gin in the world, an original idea which created a new category in the sector, setting a trend with over 120 copies.

The brand is a pioneering and leading gin, bringing with it a revolution of flavour and a new category which has led to the revolution of the gin sector at an international level and a new way of consuming it.

Today, the Pink category, created by Puerto de Indias, has conquered over one hundred countries, and gin is growing at a global level largely due to the effect of this category.

Juan Miguel Perez Ilzarbe, International Director of Puerto Indias, tells Grocery Trader how the brand has innovated based on tradition: from a century-old distillery in Carmona the brand has created the gin that has changed everything.

What is Puerto de Indias?

We are a pioneering and leading gin, the first fresh strawberry gin to reach the market, bringing with it a revolution of flavour and a new way of consuming and enjoying gin. Faithful to our roots in Seville, we dare to be different and invite you to enjoy life.

How was Puerto de Indias created?

In the story of Puerto de Indias, chance led to ingenuity.

Originally, Puerto de Indias was created by chance from a family production in the oldest distillery in Andalusia. The intention was to macerate fresh strawberries in alcohol to sell to patisseries; in winter this experiment went well, but when the spring arrived, the heat in Seville presented an innovative surprise: the creation of an absolutely natural pink strawberry liqueur which, mixed with the distilled juniper spirit, resulted in a smooth, fruity, tasty, pink and genuine gin of the highest quality.

What at first seemed to be an error or simple chance led to the creation of the pink category of gin and the greatest revolution of the sector in the last half century.

The initial firsts. Why is Puerto de Indias “an original idea”?

Puerto de Indias was an original idea that became the pioneering brand in creating the “fruity gin” category of “strawberry gin”. Its genuine identity is not only noted in its natural colour and flavour, but also in the personality of its entrepreneurial and disruptive history.

Without intending to, we created a sweet and tasty revolution in the sector for the first time. In 2013, the pioneering strawberry gin was created in Seville, a phenomenon which stopped the decline in the gin segment and which led to the recovery of the international market, setting the course and trend for the over 120 imitations which emerged worldwide based on its success.

How has Puerto de Indias inspired the world from Seville?

Today, the strawberry category, created by Puerto de Indias, has conquered over one hundred countries and the gin sector is growing at a global level largely due to the effect of this category. We have been able to innovate based on tradition: from a century-old distillery in Carmona we have created a gin which has changed everything on the international stage.

What character does the distillery provide the product?

The high quality of Puerto de Indias is largely based on the importance of its origin: 100% of the product is created in our Carmona Distillery, which dates back to 1880, making it the oldest and most traditional in Andalusia. It was partially built by a disciple of Eiffel over ancient Roman baths with their own spring, which served as oil mills in the Arab era.

This natural water from the spring creates microclimate conditions inside the distillery, which along with the two century-old copper stills which traditionally distilled anisette, have resulted in the genuine designation of origin of this pioneering gin.

How do you remember the beginnings?

At the beginning of Puerto de Indias, we were two founders and our wives, in charge of everything from production to bottling, through a 100% natural process. We learned the trade, and with intuition, unintentionally created a revolution in the gin sector, creating the first fruity pink gin thanks to macerating fresh strawberries from Huelva.

What is the traditional process of this strawberry gin?

The distillery provides spring water and gives it a pedigree, character and know-how, as prior to Puerto de Indias it was the home of other liqueurs, such as anisette. For its creation, firstly the raw materials are added to the still and macerated for one week. Next is the distillation for 3 hours, a process during which the temperature must be meticulously controlled, allowing the still to take on heads and tails from distillation. Once it has cooled, the leftovers of the strawberries are collected in carafes and cleaned.

Are the fresh strawberries the key to the colour and flavour of the product?

Yes, the fresh strawberries are the essential ingredient that has made us who we are. The strawberries arrive at the distillery from fields in the region. After 7 days macerating in alcohol, they provide all their colour, as well as their sweet flavour and aroma to the liquid, and come out totally white.

Where did the idea to call the first gin made with fresh strawberries “Puerto de Indias” come from?

In the 16th century, Puerto de Indias was the most important port of Europe and allowed Seville to emerge as the most prestigious commercial and economic centre of the era, connecting Spain with the Americas. The brand wanted to pay homage to the region in which it was created.

Five centuries later, our gin maintains this forward-looking, innovative character with an original recipe which has revolutionised the world of spirits and which once again places Seville at the centre of the revolution, this time for gin.

Puerto de Indias was created to generate a great change in the consumption of gin, just as the Spanish Golden Age converting Seville into the heart of activity with the New World involved a huge transformation. Can you tell us about the design of the bottle?

Our bottle is inspired by the Torre del Oro, the symbol of Seville of the Spanish Golden Age, Puerto de las Indias and the heart of activity with the Americas. This monument is also present on the label and in many pieces of brand communication.

The bottle was redesigned in 2015. A family company from Dos Hermanas is in charge of the faceted glass which reflects the light of the bar or table where it is enjoyed, reflecting the light of its original home in Seville.

Any comments on the logo?

The logo of the brand was designed by the son of the founder in Paint, following the innovative and visionary spirit of the founders.


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