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The winter season is one of the most important times for farmers across the UK. Whilst farms will not be at their most productive, protecting and preparing your facilities and livestock to in the freezing temperatures becomes a number one priority.


Having facilities that can stand harsh and brutal nature of the winter elements can make life a great deal easier as you look to store and protect crops, livestock as well as machinery and equipment. Damaged or poorly structured buildings can leave you vulnerable and susceptible to damp, leaks and exposure.

A New Age…

Agricultural farming is as much about protecting as it isabout producing.  In recent years, many people have looked to more sustainable and indeed durable building solutions that will not only enhance their productivity and functionality over the colder seasons, but will serve and protect for years and decades to come.

Gone are the days of wooden barns, rickety-corrugated frameworks and leaking barns. Welcome to the new age of agricultural buildings.

Farm buildings need to be strong, durable and fully-functional regardless of the size and scale. Made from new age steel, the benefits of new build and purpose-built facilities are there for all to see. So why should you invest?

#1 – Cost-Effective

Money is often the deciding factor when it comes to maintenance, repairs and replacements. Whilst your farm building may have loyally served you over the years, it is the effect of these harsh seasons and extreme weather that can cause it to deteriorate.

Investing in a steel clad agricultural building will ensure that come the winter months, you will not have to worry about potential damages or costly repairs. They can be supplied and erected quickly and efficiently by steel construction professionals without disrupting productivity and affecting working conditions.

#2 – Sustainability

This is relevant on a number of levels. Modern day steel farm buildings are more than capable of dealing with the demands of the British weather. You will have a building that will be fully-functional for decades to come so, whether rain, sleet, snow and shine, you can be confident in your farm buildings prowess.

Providing a safe house for vehicles, livestock and crops, a steel farm building also helps sustain your livelihood. Whether you requireadditional storage space or specialist facilities, steel clad buildings offer shelter like no other no matter what Mother Nature has to offer.

#3 – Environmental   

Whilst many farmers and agricultural specialist may be against upending their farm with towering new builds, the fact of the matter is that many steel buildings are quite simply more eco-friendly in terms of production, waste and function.

Many construction specialist use recycled materials and their simple framework allows an efficient and short lead time. Put into context,compared to older, less durable buildings may require extensive maintenance and repair work and require much more costly and unavailable materials.

The Future Of Farming

When it comes to creating environmentally-friendly and sustainable farming strategies, it’s important to think of the overall picture and make decisions that will hold a variety of benefits. With the winter months the some of the most testing around, having buildings that will stand the test of time will make all the difference for years to come.

Phil Warrington, a budding young farmer, looks at how farm buildings are changing with the harsher winter months the UK experiences year upon year. Long-lasting and durable steel buildings offer a whole host of benefits and if you looking for the best around he recommends John Ruck Steel Agricultural Buildings; trusted and established steel construction specialists.

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