The client in this case study operates 38 Cash & Carry centres with more than 275 stores in Spain and Menorca.

Profimetrics supports the company’s sales, marketing objectives and goals by enabling it to determine and plan pricing and promotions based on the needs and wants of its customers.

As the company successfully grew its market share, the range, depth, and complexity of its products, consumers and its competitors’ portfolios also increased. With this growth came the difficulty of trying to enforce accurate prices across multiple price zones, hundreds of stores and thousands of SKUs using standard spreadsheet software. As a result, prices began to fall out of alignment with the company’s pricing strategy.

The client faced the urgent need for significant improvement to their information systems. More specifically, the business required an integrated solution to support regular price management and execution. Recognising that the internally developed tool used to date would not meet their growth and business requirements, they turned to Profimetrics.

The primary goal of the implementation was to evaluate and transition the company’s current pricing policies and facilitate the evolution from present to future pricing and promotional strategy.

The company needed to quickly adapt to market changes by non-disruptively altering its pricing policies. Additionally, it had a very specific organisational constraint, which required Itim to craft a solution that permitted category managers and own-brands managers to work together on the same categories without creating price architecture inconsistencies.

The company set a very tight timeline for the implementation. The solution had to be operational in three months to integrate with the company’s Merchandise Management System upgrade. In order to meet the objectives and the deadline, Itim and the client coordinated and tightly managed all aspects of the project. The timeline was achieved.

The system pilot went live and the products of several categories with different roles – from traffic drivers to margin generators – were priced over a period of two months for a significant sample of stores. The pilot was successful: it generated significant return on investment and the company decided to rollout out the process to all categories and stores.

During the implementation, the client realised that it also needed a promotional management solution. Again, they turned to Profimetrics and its capability to plan, model and review multi-sku, multi-store, multi-channel, multi-segment promotional programs.

The company’s wholesale/retail business model required additional, specific promotional components for its wholesale operations. Thanks to Profimetrics they can now plan all their promotions in one place, with all nominations forecasted, complete workflow processes managed and all results clear to see in one consistent version.


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