Premier Foods is launching a new addition into the range of Mr Kipling pies and tarts, with the introduction of new Chocolate Tarts this month. The new variant sees Mr Kipling extending the appeal of the sector, which has seen a resurgence as a result of people looking for smaller, permissible sweet treats at home, growing +12.3%[1].

Mathew Bird, Brand Director for Sweet Treats at Premier Foods, comments: “The launch of Mr Kipling Chocolate Tarts allows retailers to cater for a broader demographic with their cake range, bringing a favourite flavour and popular format together to appeal to younger shoppers. The launch will also appeal to traditional convenience shoppers, who are continuing to purchase smaller treats, making them more inclined to pick up a cake as an impulse purchase.

“Over lockdown, there has been a surge of new shoppers buying into the pies and tarts sector, with pre-family and younger family shoppers seeing the biggest growth[2]. Chocolate is the top flavour with young adults in this sector, with 72% of under 35s[3] preferring it to the widely available fruit options, so this launch will further drive appeal to retain this demographic long term.”

The Mr Kipling Chocolate Tarts are made up of a light pastry case with a layer of chocolate-flavoured mousse, topped with chocolate-flavour icing and sugar sprinkles. Suitable for vegetarians, they contain no hydrogenated fat or artificial colours, and have 100% natural flavours.

Available nationwide now, the new tarts sit alongside the current Mr Kipling selection of tarts and pies; Cherry Bakewells, Bramley Apple Pies, Bramley Apple & Blackcurrant Pies and Jam Tarts.

[1] IRI, Grocery Outlets | Value Sales in L52 w/e 27th March 2021

[2] Kantar 24 weeks ending we 6th September 2020

[3] Toluna survey (<35yr olds), May 2020; IRI 52 w/e Feb 2020

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