hovis_ad_still_2In 2009 Zetes won a significant contract with Premier Foods, United Kingdom’s largest food producer, to provide a traceability solution to improve the manufacturing and distribution processes of the company’s Hovis Division, which produces 2 million loaves of bread every day. Zetes’ solution enhances Premier’s SAP warehouse management solution with the integration of over 500 barcode scanning devices, to track and trace the movement of goods across Hovis’ manufacturing and distribution centres.

Zetes completed the integration of mobile devices with Premier’s SAP system using its SAP toolkit, MiNetConnect. As a rapid application development solution, MiNetConnect provides a direct link between SAP and mobile or fixed scanning devices to capture, validate, and process transactions faster, in real-time and with increased accuracy and system reliability.

For the Premier Foods project, Zetes also developed an additional component that enables the SAP system to receive data from fixed scanners. Zetes’ capability to complete a direct integration with SAP was a key requirement for Premier, because this ensured both that a technically complex project could be simplified as much as possible and minimised the numbers of suppliers involved.

Currently, scanners have been installed in three facilities to ensure that automated processes can be implemented to enable business controls, product visibility and traceability across the supply chain, at the same time as maintaining responsiveness to time-critical events.

“We enjoyed working with Zetes, and now look forward to continuing our relationship with the roll out of what will be a transformational project,” said Phil McCallum, IT and Infrastructure Director at Premier Foods. “The traceability solution we piloted addresses some long standing issues our company has faced within the Hovis bakery supply chain.”

James Hannay, Senior VP of Northern Europe for Zetes, commented: “Improved traceability is important for Premier on many levels, enabling better management of product supply into the marketplace and more accurate stock replenishment. This translates into a better service to retailers and greater consumer satisfaction.”

To find out more about Zetes, call 01344 290063, email info@uk.zetes.com or visit our website at www.zetes.com

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