kevin-awardsRichmond-based Holmesterne Foods scooped a top prize at the Meat Management Magazine awards with their Twice Braised Pork Shank in a Cider & Apple sauce. This innovative product celebrates an undervalued cut of meat and retails at a very affordable price point in tune with the demand for quality food at a reasonable price. 

Managing Director Keith Tindell explains: “The original twice braised pork shank was part of our innovative range of retort products that began life in food service. Our top chef has cleverly adapted these for retail and now it is listed in Morrison’s stores. Retort cooking technology is similar to traditional canning, and allows us to make meals without additives or preservatives. The meals are pressure steam cooked in special airtight pouches.

“This type of cooking really suits meats like pork shanks, which improve in flavour and tenderness when cooked at high temperatures for a long time. The result is a quality premium product that is very convenient to use.”

Holmesterne Foods, was formed in 1994 by Martin Sterne and Keith Tindell, who collectively have over 50 years’ experience within private and public quoted food businesses. Holmesterne is on track to achieve their targeted turnover of £20 million by 2011.

“Keeping on top of consumer trends is key to our business. People are looking for quality food at an affordable price in a recession. By using an overlooked cut of meat and applying clever cooking and development we’re creating new products to appeal to a discerning market. This is affordable quality food. Lamb shanks have been big business over the last few years, so it made sense to extend this to pork shanks. Spotting opportunities before they become obvious is a sign of an innovative food business.” concludes Mr. Tindell.

The chefs at Holmesterne are busy developing two new products which will hopefully be on the shelves in the autumn. Watch this space!

The award winning pork shanks are available in Morrison’s.

Holmesterne Foods
Tel: 01748 818283

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