Following the successful launch of the market place crate, the most recent innovation from Polymer Logistics is already making a huge impact. In recognition of this it has been nominated as finalist for a prestigious award within the fresh produce industry: the Fresh Awards 2014. Organized by FPC (Fresh Produce Consortium) and hosted at The Intercontinental Park Lane on the 5th June 2014, the award aims to reward those companies that have distinguished themselves within the industry, therefore being shortlisted for the “Innovation of the Year” category is a great honour for Polymer Logistics.


The philosophy behind the innovation

Polymer Logistics recognised that retailers across the world are investing heavily in improving the customer experience in store and are using well-proven techniques to influence perception and individual spending. The atmosphere and ‘experience’ of a retail outlet can significantly influence a consumer’s purchasing behaviour.

The fresh produce aisle is a prime example of this. The ‘farm fresh’ or ‘market fresh’ perception is undoubtedly helping to drive sales and is high on today’s customer agenda when they shop for fresh produce. This ‘fresh’ perception helps to portray the image of quality.

However whilst retailers are investing heavily, there is room for improvement in certain areas.  As experts in the field of retail ready packaging, Polymer Logistics noticed that retailers weren’t completing the circle when it comes to how fresh produce is being displayed. Most have retained a pool of coloured sterile plastic crates, which ultimately detracts from the quality image retailers wants to purvey. Indeed, when shopping for example at a farmers market or the like most customers will notice that coloured plastic crates are somewhat absent. Instead produce is usually displayed in traditional wooden crates that have been the main stay for years and years.


Polymer Logistics through the creation of the Market Place crate has finally provided retailers with a solution, which is able to influence positively customer perception and behaviour.

This isn’t just a one off initiative; it underpins the company’s philosophy to strive for more in terms of innovation. If you look at Polymer Logistics’ complete range, innovation is cultural throughout the whole product offering. With this particular project, the team at Polymer Logistics undertook considerable field based research to identify that actually retailers weren’t completing the last 10% when it came to the reinvention of their fresh produce aisles. This led to identify the opportunity to engineer a real sustainable alternative to the plastic or actual wood crates that were currently being used to display fresh produce.

The Market Place crate is a product that can truly influence customer perception and behaviour. It’s aimed to contribute to retailer business issues, such as increased individual customers spend, in other words: it aims to encourage purchase rather than rely on customer need.

Polymer Logistics doesn’t accept that simply delivering the same product year and year is the way to go. The business has to innovate to ensure continued growth.


For more information on the Market Place crate please visit or call Polymer on 0845 2000001


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