pladis, the global snacking company behind some of the UK’s most-loved snacks, today unveils its 2018 Christmas campaign, Merry Biscuits Everyone,  with the launch of brand-new seasonal products and a Christmassy make-over of sweet and savoury biscuit favourites.

The campaign highlights the key role played by pladis brands leading up to, and during, the seasonal festivities, from the McVitie’s Jaffa Cake Cracker under the tree to the McVitie’s Family Circle box shared in front of the television and the Jacob’s Biscuits for Cheese selection as part of the Boxing Day spread.

New launches for Christmas 2018 tap into the enduring popularity of giftable tins, with the first ever McVitie’s Jaffa Cake tin, shaped like a larger-than-life Jaffa Cake, filled with snack packs of the chocolate-orange treats (RISP £10.00 for a 292g tin). In the savoury category, an all-new Jacob’s tin captures the magic of Christmas with a design that nods to the heritage of the Jacob’s brand (RISP £10.00 for a 300g tin). The McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives Post Box Tin (RISP £10.00 for a 400g tin) is also returning this Christmas with a fresh look for 2018. All three items will be available across grocery.

For McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes enthusiasts, the pladis Christmas range is the gift that keeps on giving. The iconic McVitie’s Jaffa Pole has been redesigned as an over-sized cracker for this year and is expected to remain a key player in the Christmas space (RISP £6.00 per unit).

pladis’ festive offering also includes:

  • McVitie’s Victoriathe number one premiumassortment is returning for another year with sparkling packaging to give the product added Christmas appeal on shelf, following consumer feedback. Available in popular 100g (RISPof £1.00) and 825g (RISP £11.00) packs, as well as 300g (RISP £5.00) and 600g (RISP £8.00) formats
  • McVitie’s Family Circlethe number one everyday assortment brand. Giving shoppers an everyday selection of biscuits to share with friends and family over the Christmas period, the assortment will be available in 360g (RISP £3.09), 670g (RISP £6.00) and 900g (RISP of £8.00) packs
  • McVitie’s Moments – great for social gifting, this McVitie’s Moments chocolate box offers a selection of delicious biscuits, presented in modern, premium packaging. Aimed at attracting the younger shopper, this product will be available in a 400g box with a RISP of £10.00
  • McVitie’s Digestives White Chocolate Nibbles – McVitie’s is bringing back the popular White Chocolate Digestives Nibbles this Christmas. The limited-edition variant will feature luxurious festive packaging, ensuring the product stands out on shelf (RISP of £1.99 for a 120g sharing pouch)
  • Jacob’s Biscuits for Cheese Selection– with one in four households purchasing a Jacob’s seasonal product at Christmas, Jacob’s has revamped the packaging of its popular Jacob’s Selection to add a little more Christmas magic. Available in three formats to suit every size of household: 450g (RISP £4.29), 900g (RISP £7.50), 300g (RISP £2.99)
  • Jacob’s Savoury Favourites– with four different types of popular snacks from Jacob’s – including Mini Cheddars, TUC and classic favourites – this 200g assortment is great for snacking (RISP £2.19) and is available in more modern and simple packaging for 2018, so consumers know exactly what’s inside
  • Jacob’s Savours– a 250g range of flavoured crackers (RISP £4.29) including Sour Cream & Chive Thins, Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Bakes, Sweet Chilli Thins and Cheese
  • Carr’s Assortment–the No.1 premium savoury biscuit brand returns with its 500g Christmas box format (RISP £7.50) and the all year round 200g assortment (RISP £2.79)
  • Jacob’s Caddies – popular Jacob’s Festive Snack Bites, Treeselets, Mini Cheddars and Twiglet Caddies are back for another year with revamped packaging to spread more Christmas cheer! (RISP £3.49)

A summary of the full pladis 2018 Christmas range:










McVitie’s Jaffa Cake Tin



Jacob’s Heritage Tin



McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives Postbox Tin


McVitie’s Jaffa Cracker


Jacob’s Biscuits for Cheese


McVitie’s White Chocolate Digestives Nibbles

McVitie’s Moments


McVitie’s Victoria

McVitie’s Family Circle

Jacob’s Savoury Favourites

Carr’s Selection

Jacob’s Caddies




About pladis

pladis is one of the world’s leading snacking companies and home to beloved brands including McVitie’s and Ulker. The company also distributes a curated selection of Godiva chocolate in grocery and convenience channels to drive everyday luxury.

pladis also owns regional brands such as Jacob’s, go ahead!, Carr’s, Flipz, Verkade and many more, delighting consumers with products across the snacking category including sweet and savoury biscuits, wafer, cake, chocolate, gum and candy.

Formed in 2016, pladis is the proud steward of over 300 years of family baking and confectionery experience. The expertise of its 20,000-strong global workforce spans 34 factories in 13 countries, and is founded on collaboration, agility and resilience.

pladis is one of the fastest growing companies in the sector with annual revenues of £2.2 billion. As a responsible business, delivering the highest quality products and exceptional service, pladis’ products have the potential to reach more than 4 billion people across the world.

pladis people are passionate about collaboration and creation, using consumer insights and trends to fulfil its promise; ‘to bring happiness to the world with every bite’. This, combined with rapid speed to market, enables the company to bring its products from idea to on-shelf quickly, so they are available for consumers all over the world.

The company has already delivered a series of successful product innovations in the biscuit and chocolate categories since the group was created, which include Godiva Masterpieces developed especially for grocery channels, McVitie’s Nibbles and McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive Thins – all products which have fast become firm favourites in pladis’ anchor markets.

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