Ready-to-fill pastry specialist, Pidy is moving onto supermarket shelves with the launch of a new dedicated retail range; ‘3 Toques’. The Belgium-based business already supplies pastry products to the UK hospitality industry but is now taking an exciting step forward into the retail sector targeting consumers of all cooking abilities.

The initial 3 Toques products will be listed in Ocado and will include a mini vol-au-vent and mini neutral pastry case. Both products will be available from July onwards, boast ambient storage and come in packs of 12.

The vol-au vent is the epitome of 1970s retro chic and has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years which makes it the perfect addition to any summer spread when combined with an on-trend spicy chicken, smoked salmon or pulled pork filling.

3 Toques has been launched to meet the growing demand for family-focused food, whatever the season or occasion, as well as the increase in home baking and cooking over the last 12 months. The range has been developed to make it easier for home cooks of all abilities to get creative in the comfort of their kitchens, to make cooking easier and ultimately, save time.

The ready-to-fill products provide the reassurance of perfect pasty every time and means that consumers can free up more time in the kitchen and unleash their inner creative chef for the filling, as Fabien Levet, Commercial Manager at Pidy UK explains:

 “With so many people running to their kitchens to bake and create during the last year and discovering passions that are here to stay, now is the perfect opportunity to launch 3 Toques with Ocado. Introducing 3 Toques is an important moment in our journey to provide home cooks of all abilities with inspiration in the form of our quality pastry products. 

We have worked hard to ensure customers can get the same freshly baked taste they get when making pastry from scratch, thanks to our commitment to quality, technical excellence and ethos for using 100% natural ingredients.”

Pidy is committed to using specially selected ingredients and free-range egg recipes that are free from artificial flavours and preservatives. This, coupled with traditional techniques, production methods and years of dedicated experience delivers quality products with the taste and texture of homemade. All 3 Toques products are ambient and have a 15 months shelf life for complete convenience

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