Pidy UK has revealed plans for a shift in the emphasis of its its business. Known worldwide as an award-winning pastry producer, the company intends to widen its product portfolio and increase its remit of non-pastry lines.

Says UK General Manager Robert Whittle, ‘The demand for more than pastry has been building for a while now. In keeping with new customer requirements, from April 2011 we will be entering a wider arena where many of the products we sell will not be pastry based.’

‘The change is taking place in three distinct waves, he explained. ‘The first wave of 30 items was introduced at IFE this year when the company launched a selection of crumble toppings, including meringue and gingersnap biscuit.’

Visitors to the show were also treated to Rum Babas, several new wafer lines and the biggest departure of all – flour tortillas for sweet and savoury dishes.

The second wave is currently planned for 1st September and will involve at least 30 more, according to the company. The third is expected to be rolled out later in the year or early 2012. ‘We intend to make Pidy more of a one-stop-shop for all sectors of the food industry in the future,’ comments Robert Whittle.

Already well established in the retail and frozen sectors, the new initiative is also designed to woo more interest from chefs, bakers and other foodservice operators.

And for those who can’t wait to get their hands on Pidy’s products, go to and search in the grocery section for Pidy. There are 60 great items to choose!

Pidy UK

Robert Whittle, General Manager

Tel: 01604 705666


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