Leading tobacco company, Philip Morris Limited (PML), has developed an online educational and interactive website for UK tobacco retailers. The information packed MyDrive Online website which is now live, features entertaining videos and inspiring content to help retailers in the new era of plain packaging. The site is responsive to almost all digital platforms, and also available to download as a ‘pmimydrive’ app at Appstore & Google Play, making it possible for retailers to connect at their convenience.

Accessible to all retailers on registration, MyDrive Online includes engaging and informative content, such as:

• Educational videos with engaging content

• Valuable PML brand and pricing knowledge

• Engaging modules that clarify the do’s and don’ts of plain packaging

• Interactive puzzles that empower retailer selling skills

• An online profile for each retailer and entry to a community (Hub) of retailers to share insights, learnings and concerns

• Opportunity to feedback on general “hot” trade topics

• A rewards programme for Drive members

In preparation for the smooth transition to plain packaging, Philip Morris sent Ralph Patel (NFRN President) & Dee Sedani (award winning Leicester retailer), to Australia to learn how retailers there have managed the transition to plain packaging since it came into force in 2012.

In an industry first, the two respected retailers were in front of the camera during their trip to star in a series of ‘Plain & Gain’ videos which document their and the Australian retailers ‘first hand’ experiences for exclusive broadcast on MyDrive Online. The aim is to openly share the real plain packaging topics that retailers need to address in the new ‘tobacco field ground’. The videos include information on how to organise the gantry, how to maintain footfall, key preparation strategies for staff and how to support the launch of new SKUs.

Ralph Patel says: “Meeting likeminded retailers who have experienced the process first hand means PML can, through our videos, help educate the UK trade on best practice to cope with plain packaging.”

Dee Sedani adds: “I urge retailers to watch the videos to really understand the issues that they will face before and after plain packaging hits their stores. It is essential that they plan now, know their products and get their prices right in order to win in the marketplace.”

Jerry Margolis, PML Sales Director says: “We are committed to the retailer during this difficult transition period and have invested in awareness and education to help them adapt their business to plain packaging. MyDrive contains essential information in an immersive and engaging format, which we strongly advise retailers to read and watch to ensure that their transition is relatively simple without a noticeable downtrend in business.”

Whether there is any question related to Website registrations, PML Portfolio Brands, Plain Packaging or even system related technical support, MyDrive Online Call Service Centre is available Monday –Friday, 09:00-17:30 at 01908303520

More information on how to register will be coming soon in your inbox, at trade media accounts, Cash & Carry depots and PML sales representative visits in-store.



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