Personal care products are a major profit generator in UK multiple grocers, and never more so than now. Time starved, cash strapped Brits are increasingly likely these days to go to their local supermarket when they need to stock up on personal care products. A key part of the personal care market is beauty and grooming products that make you look and feel good every day, such as oral hygiene, shampoo, conditioner and styling, shaving, deodorants, and soap and shower, with brands from the major suppliers regularly on promotion at the local superstore.

Another part of the personal care market that is growing fast in supermarkets is home beauty treatments, aimed at working women. Featured on this page, RB’s Veet hair removal brand has broken new ground in home waxing with the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-on Kit. EasyWax is a hand-held, self-heating home-waxing system with a roll-on applicator that delivers a perfect dose of warm smooth wax for professional results from the first attempt.

With consumers working longer hours and living busier lives, many of us don’t have time to go to the local GP or our local community pharmacy for non-urgent healthcare needs. Combine this with the high cost of NHS prescription charges, and no wonder consumers are getting smarter about treating their symptoms themselves with self-selection medicines. The result is shoppers turning to their local supermarket in search of the pharmaceutical products they need day to day, such as ‘GSL’ medicines.

A good example of an effective self-selection remedy is Clinova’s new oral rehydration salt tablets, O.R.S, which are now available in UK supermarkets and grocery retailers. As reported below, O.R.S soluble, lemon-flavoured tablets are designed to replenish the body’s supply of salts and water and help restore fluid balance.

Another area that is growing rapidly in supermarkets is natural healthcare, which is set to enjoy a higher profile this month with the UK’s Homeopathy Awareness Week from 14th-21st June. Nelsons, the UK’s leading manufacturer of natural healthcare products including Nelsons Arnicare, Rescue Remedy and Bach Original Flower Remedies, are working with the Society of Homeopaths again this year. In the run up to the Olympics they have a strong message about sport health, which will translate into increased purchases in stores that stock these sought after products. See this page for more details.

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