As British consumers start to feel the benefits of the economic recovery, Mintel the market research experts predict 2014 will be the year when people start prioritising their physical and emotional wellbeing, including taking care of their nutrition and doing more exercise. Among other things the return of the elusive feel good factor is expected to translate into renewed interest in, and spending on, personal care products.

chazThe Personal Care category covers everything shoppers need to feel fresh and look good generally – hair, body, oral care, bath, shaving, shower and beyond. These days the ‘beyond’ part takes in a host of more intimate products that consumers are used to buying on line, but will happily buy them in the supermarket as part of the weekly shop if they see them on shelf in the self-selection area. This is unlike the situation in Holland, for example, where pharmacies are a major distribution channel for condoms and related items.

Among the more intimate products on offer in British supermarkets these days is Give Pleasure Products’ ETO award winning Give Lube range, which features a new addition with the arrival of the world’s first lubricant specially developed and branded for black skin. See the story in these pages.

The word teenager was coined in the 1950s, which was also when Clearasil – another product in this feature – was invented. Six decades on RB’s leading skincare brand remains one of the UK’s best-known young skincare brands and a trusted choice for today’s young people to help combat spots and blemishes. Clearasil has just extended its Daily Clear Range with the introduction of new Clearasil Daily Clear Anti-Blemish Treatment Cream.

There is an array of sports toiletries on offer for regular gym goers and other sports enthusiasts to refresh them after a session. Stand by for arnicare® Arnica Cooling Gel, from Nelsons, the UK’s leading manufacturer of natural healthcare products, to join shower gels and deodorants in Britain’s sports bags. As announced in this feature Nelsons has launched a brand new advertising campaign, positioning the arnica cooling gel as a natural healthcare option to use post-exercise.

Something to appeal to consumers of all kinds, Bath Relaxer®, the multi-functional bath cushion designed to stop you sliding down the bath, has created significant Facebook and Twitter interest and online sales via its shop. Now the company behind it is in talks with a number of retailers about stocking this innovative accessory.

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