With consumers becoming increasingly health conscious, they’re looking for alternative products to help reduce their sugar consumption. This presents a fantastic opportunity for the growth of Better for You (BFY) confectionery, which is currently worth £44m and growing at +11.9% MAT[1]. Perfetti Van Melle (PVM) is leading the way in sugar free and sugar reduced and is currently the number one BFY manufacturer in the UK, with sales totalling £9.2m YTD[2].

Despite overall decline (0.9% MAT) in sugar confectionery, PVM is significantly outperforming the category, experiencing growth of +5.3%[3].  This can in part be attributed to the incremental sales created by sugar free and less sugar. Research is already showing that 73% of sales in less sugar and sugar free are cumulative, implying people who previously may not have considered confectionery are entering the category[4].

PVM’s constant innovation has continued to drive momentum for the company’s sugar free and sugar reduced range. Increasing the fruit juice content in Fruittella 30% Less Sugar ensured the flavour, texture and experience was maintained, despite the sugar reduction. This year also saw PVM introduce the first extra-strong menthol eucalyptus power mint, Smint Xtrm, as a sugar free product.

Mark Roberts, Perfetti Van Melle Trade Marketing Manager, said: “With the increased spotlight on sugar, retailers are opting to give healthier snacking products increased space, often at the expense of sugar-based confectionery. However, each shopper desires different offerings in the market, therefore we don’t wish to dictate what they should and shouldn’t buy. Instead by providing choice and information we allow conscious consumer selections to be made. In 2019 we will continue to lead the way in BFY, emphasising the benefits of our reduced and sugar free offering, alongside our best-selling core products”.

For retailers looking to offer a sugar free or reduced sugar range PVM recommends:

  • Fruittella 30% Less Sugar (includes Strawberry and Summer Fruit chews, Gummies and Jelly Foams ) 28g/120g
  • Fruittella Sugar Free (includes Fruit Gums, Fruit Foams and Fruit Drops) 45g/80g/90g
  • Smint Xtrm
  • Mentos Stay Free

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