p1010006Back in the mid-1990s, PayPoint created the first national branded bill payment network for convenience retailers. In so-doing, it invented a whole new category for the sector and has generated billions of customer visits and hundreds of millions of pounds in commission for retailers.

The PayPoint offer has always been based on leading-edge technology and exceptionally high service levels. As a result, it quickly attracted near universal adoption by leading utilities and consumer service companies, so that the variety of payments that can now be paid through the PayPoint network extends to:

• Electricity and gas pre-and post

• Mobile top up

• Telephone: cable and calling cards

• Water, mail order

• Housing rents and Council Tax

• TV Licences

• Insurance and savings

• Transport ticketing

• Debts, rentals and loans

• E-money, prepaid cards and e-vouchers

• Charitable donations & school meal cards

• Court and other fines

• PayCash internet cash payments

How retailers benefit

Customers expect to be able to pay their bills, rent and council tax, top up their mobile phone and even buy the bus tickets at the same time as shopping for their daily newspaper, pint of milk and groceries. PayPoint is uniquely valuable in driving new customers and encouraging existing customers to be more loyal and to shop more. Independent research (him!/CTP) demonstrates that PayPoint delivers significantly higher visitor frequency and higher spending customers than normally experienced in convenience retailing.

Research by Ipsos MORI over the last five years indicates that 97% of consumers using PayPoint are satisfied with the service. The research also shows that the PayPoint terminal helps to cement the retailer into its local community and 95% of PayPoint users say they would be personally affected if their local store were to close.

The CTP Convenience Tracker research highlights the cumulative effect of having a PayPoint terminal in-store:

• 42% of service shoppers visit every day compared with 30% of average convenience shoppers

• 96% of service users would be affected if their local store closed (compared to an 81% convenience average)

• 69% of service users are on a shopping mission to top up grocery, buy food for immediate consumption or for a newsagent purchase

• 14% make impulse purchases

PayPoint PLC

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