THE UK’s number one sausage roll brand Wall’s Pastry has expanded its healthier snacking range with the development of its first Chicken Scotch Egg, which will arrive in selected Asda and convenience stores this month.

The Chicken Scotch Egg is a simple yet innovative twist to the traditional pork-based snack – and has also been developed as a healthier alternative with 2.1g of saturated fat, 9g of fat 197 calories in the 113g Chicken Scotch Egg.

This product is the third in the Wall’s Pastry healthier chicken range, which launched in stores earlier this year. The range also includes the Wall’s Pastry Chicken Jumbo Roll and a four-pack of Wall’s Pastry Chicken Rolls with Sage & Onion. This expansion follows a period of healthier snacking developments for the pastry giant, after it entered the healthier food-to-go category with its vegan sausage roll alternatives in 2019.

Mike Holton, brand manager at Wall’s Pastry said: “Our category research has shown that there is currently a gap in the market for chilled chicken pastry products and after seeing the success of our chicken pastry rolls, we wanted to continue to expand our range and provide consumers with an innovative and healthier twist on their traditional favourites.

“We’re really excited to be launching a new product that provides a healthier on-the-go and snacking alternative. Whether it’s a quick bite or a lunchtime treat, we want to offer a high protein snack to consumers who are looking for something a little different without any added guilt.

“The Chicken Scotch Egg recipe, as well as our other chicken-based products, were developed with health-conscious consumers in mind. We wanted to create an additional product that delivers first on flavour, but also contains significantly less fat, whilst offering an alternative to the red meat, pork-based product.

“With flexitarianism continuing to rise, it’s clear that there is still a growing trend towards alternative protein products. The younger generation are conscious, more now than ever, of the health and environmental impact of their food.”

The Chicken Scotch Egg has been developed by Addo Food Group and is made with 100% British chicken, onion, garlic, nutmeg and a blend of fresh herbs including sage, parsley and coriander coated in a golden crumb.

Mike added: “The egg has a succulent and moist texture, which is perfectly seasoned with sage, onion and plenty of spices, and is encased in a golden crumb shell. The scotch egg, inspired by the nation’s favourite dinner, offers a roast chicken flavouring and is ideal for those wanting a healthier snacking option.”

The 113g Chicken Scotch Egg has 2.1g saturated fat, 9g fat, only 197 calories per egg, and 12.3g protein, which is almost a quarter of the 56g recommended daily intake of protein for a man (22%) and 46g for a woman (26.7%).*

The Chicken Scotch Egg is part of the brand’s move towards a healthier snacking range, as it looks to provide on-the-go savoury pastries to appeal to the UK’s rising number of health-conscious consumers.

The range will be available at selected Asda and convenience stores across the UK.

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