Ahead of World Environment Day on Friday 5th June, Pastorfrigor GB, the Essex based commercial refrigeration business, is excited to launch its new generation integral Genova Overview range of refrigeration.

The plug-in Genova Overview range of refrigeration is a quick turnkey solution for supermarkets, convenience stores and food-to-go businesses that look to replace their refrigeration overnight.

“The main benefit of choosing our Genova Overview range is that by using our integrals it is an overnight change in refrigeration rather than days of work by using a remote option. This allows sites to open the following day without losing any business time,” said Simon Robinson, Managing Director at Pastorfrigor GB.

The new Genova Overview (OV) range heralds the next phase in modern and efficient refrigeration by providing a complete green integral solution for any business using refrigeration. The entire Genova OV Range is available using the natural refrigerant R290 and has a maximum charge per system of just 150g making it a very green solution. GD cabinets are the lowest energy in class delivering an additional 25% energy saving over the older Genova model while its BT Frozen food cabinets are also available on R455a which is a new blend with a very low GWP at just 150 making its full glass door frozen a more attractive solution.

As one of the UKs innovative refrigeration companies, Pastorfrigor has continued operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by installing new refrigeration equipment in order to meet with supermarket demand.

“We are supporting a number of supermarkets, discount and convenience stores by continuing to install new refrigeration. We have also seen a huge increase in demand for our parts division and we have been taking orders on a daily basis,” said Robinson.

He said that PFGB was “managing installation work with some supermarkets to allow them to continue with their program of works. We have also started quoting and taking orders for other work projects which is encouraging in the current climate.”

While PFGB is continuing to work for its clients, it is also taking due account of safety and since the start of the pandemic in March it has instigated a strict COVID-19 health and safety plan.

“The health and safety of our staff, site personnel and the wider community is our top priority and all installation work is being carried out in line with government guidelines,” Robinson added.

Its manufacturing factory in Italy is fully operational again and from order to delivery, the process is currently taking only seven weeks.

As a number of food businesses including food-to-go operations prepare to open their doors to customers, Robinson said its new generation integral Genova Overview range is sure to be a huge benefit to their business.

“The food-to-go category is a very important part of all convenience and supermarket retail businesses. The emphasis on facings with flexibility for cross merchandising and dimensions is important in order to get the right offer in front of the customers.

“By focusing on our new Genova Overview range with the latest integral cabinet technology, LED lighting, optional 600 bay shelving, door options and height solutions, I am certain it will play an important role in making a store stand out,” he added.

Offering refrigeration for a number of different food retail businesses, Pastorfrigor GB specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of refrigeration, including retro-fit options, bespoke cabinet solutions for butchers and farmshops and provides a rental range offer.

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