Launching in June 2019, Kronenbourg 1664’s latest mission is to prove it’s not just Le Taste Supreme of the world, but of the entire universe, by sending Eric Cantona into space. Featuring limited-edition design cans and packaging, Kronenbourg’s new campaign is guaranteed to skyrocket Kronenbourg 1664 sales in store by encompassing a four-part digital series showing Cantona’s announcement, training and eventual lift-off.

Supporting the campaign, Kronenbourg 1664’s latest eye-catching and unique new design utilises the full potential of the can’s 360 canvas and packaging to convey Cantona as an astronaut. Driving standout on shelf, the refreshed design aims to inform shoppers of the new campaign and competition, encouraging them to go online and search ‘K1664 space’.

Live for six weeks, the design’s use of Eric Cantona, a Kronenbourg brand ambassador and global football legend, brings added appeal and iconography, with its collectable kudos sure to drive further sales. Traditionally, limited edition cans experience a 4% YOY sales increase during campaigns such as these, demonstrating the increased sales opportunities the collaboration presents across the off-trade.

Toby Lancaster, Category & Shopper Marketing Director, comments: “Whilst Kronenbourg 1664 is widely regarded as Le Taste Supreme of the World, we wanted to take that one step further and prove that this applies to the whole universe too. With over 350 years of success, our new stand-out design adds extra excitement for fans, whilst the bigger campaign offers consumers live updates on whether Cantona succeeds with his space mission!”

The Mainstream Premium Lager category is currently experiencing 8% growth and is worth a huge £1.6 billion to the total off-trade[1]. Kronenbourg in particular sits at 6% growth, with a total worth of £136m[2].

[1] Nielsen Sales Value Total Coverage MAT Data to 20.04.19

[2] Nielsen Sales Value Total Coverage MAT Data to 20.04.19

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