COOP Denmark is launching its new Beep and Pay (‘Bip & Betal’) mobile electronic payment solution across its entire chain of stores. Omnico’s software solutions, omniEngage and omniBasket, sit behind the COOP developed app enabling the point-of-sale integration, customer bonus point calculations and the targeted promotional activity.
In May 2016 the grocery chain announced a pilot of the mobile payment app in its Kvickly and SuperBrugsen stores, since then 10 percent of all purchases in the test stores have come via the Beep and Pay app. “Initially the brand advised a rollout to all stores from 2017, but due to the success of the pilot to date and our strong workingrelationship with COOP, we have successfully rolled out the software to go live as of the 1st October 2016,” said Mel Taylor, CEO of Omnico.

COOP’s mobile app allows customers to scan items into their basket, then seamlessly pay at the till, using Omnico’s omniBasket software, via their device which is linked directly to the customer’s dividend, bonus wallet, or credit / debit card.

A new extension to the COOP built app from the initial pilot is the integration with the brands loyalty scheme, through the omniEngage software, with targeted promotions delivered straight to the customer via the app. Further enhancing the customer engagement, additional bonus points are also calculated based on their purchases.

Previously customers had to wait until month-end or each quarter to receive the bonus, but through the use of omniEngage calculations are made in near real-time enabling customers to buy more immediately.


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