As customer searches for vodka have doubled since lockdown began in March 2020, Ocado are proud to introduce another exclusive brand into its extensive range. Sausage Tree Irish Vodka, based at The Shed Distillery in Drumshanbo, Ireland, have launched their hand-distilled Irish vodka made with ‘sausage tree fruit’, wild Irish nettles and Irish grain.

The 70cl bottle has an ABV of 43%, an RRP of £40 and is suitable for vegetarians.

What is Sausage Tree Fruit?
Owner PJ Rigney explored all four corners of the world looking for unusual ingredients and this journey led him through the African Serengeti and south across the equator. It was there he found Kigelia africana, a “Sausage Tree”, so called thanks to its long, sausage-shaped fruits that grow up to 60 cm (2 feet) long, weigh around 7 kg (15lbs) and are poisonous until distilled and purified.

PJ combines the fruit with another unusual ingredient – wild Irish stinging nettles from the woodlands of Drumshanbo – as both are known for their curative and purifying powers. Mixing this with Irish grain, it is slowly distilled in medieval copper column and pot stills to create a spirit that PJ declares to be “Nature’s purest vodka.”

Vodka searches hit Christmas highs
Gary Hyde, Senior Buying Manager at Ocado, said, “Over the last 24 months*, customer searches for ‘vodka’ have stayed consistent throughout the year, reaching a pre-Christmas peak each December. However, since lockdown began in March, we’re seeing an average of almost double the normal number of searches, and some days have matched the levels we only usually experience in December. At Ocado, we’re on a continual quest to expand our range, often by introducing exciting new small producers like Sausage Tree Irish Vodka. We’re delighted that our customers can now add this artisan spirit, full of innovative flavours, to their weekly shop.”

How to serve Sausage Tree Irish Vodka
To fully appreciate the delicate, pure and smooth taste of Sausage Tree Irish Vodka, serve over ice with chilled premium soda water and a generous wedge of African Emperor Orange.

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