Specialists at maintaining supply chain integrity, Oakland Invicta have been handling cargo contaminated by migrant incursion for over 10 years with all processes and facilities fully approved and audited by the British Retail Consortium Storage and Distribution (BRC), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and the Environmental Health Officer (EHO), and are the preferred partner for many leading cargo insurance providers with a 90% contaminated load recovery rate.

Robert Hardy, Operations Director of Oakland Invicta.

Oakland Invicta recognises the difficulties that cross channel transport presents and that, despite best endeavours, it is not always possible to protect cargo from stowaways desperate to reach the UK and for this reason they have created an AMNESTY checkpoint in Kent so that cargo can be checked and approved prior to ultimate UK delivery; protecting you, your client and the brand owner from cross contamination and reputational damage.

“It was reported that Border Force detected 56,000 migrants in the last year. This would involve roughly 10,000 trucks and refrigerated trailers are the preferred host vehicle as they are harder to scan,” said Robert Hardy, Operations Director of Oakland Invicta. “That’s 30 loads a day that require scrutiny prior to delivery and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Oakland Invicta’s process is simple and can usually be completed in under 20 minutes, with clean cargo given a HACCP Certificate of Compliance and the trailer re-sealed prior to release, with any contaminated cargo prevented from entering the supply chain.

For further information and to contact Oakland Invicta please visit their website: www.contaminatedload.com

Oakland Invicta is part of the Oakland family; specialist services include Distressed Load Management, Supply Chain Integrity, Contaminated Cargo, Logistics and Supply Chain, Amnesty Trailer Checking Service, and are HACCP Approved.





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