• Ferrero is broadening the appeal of its Nutella spread, targeting new occasions with activity planned for the Back to School occasion and Christmas
  • Limited edition 400g jars will be available for the Back to School occasion in four different colours
  • A further festive twist will be introduced at Christmas time, including new glow in the dark 200g jars
  • The campaign will be supported by social, in-store media and a TV ad (at Christmas) with a £600k media investment

Ferrero is targeting two key occasions before the end of the year, with a comprehensive campaign worth £600k designed to help retailers convert even more shoppers to the Nutella range. Separate collections of limited edition jars will be available across the Back to School and Christmas periods to increase penetration of the category-leading brand[1].

The back to school occasion from mid-August through September presents the opportunity to strengthen Nutella’s position in parents’ minds as a solution to hassle-free, delicious school mornings. The tagline ‘Make School Mornings Delicious’ will appear across in-store communications and via social media channels, while limited edition jars – bearing a school backpack in four different colours – will capture further interest.

Social assets, created to inspire parents, will demonstrate how Nutella can start the day positively for families, and bespoke in-store display solutions will be made available to retailers to drive awareness of the campaign and promote the limited edition jars.

In October, the focus of the campaign will shift to Christmas while still reinforcing Nutella’s breakfast credentials. The Christmas campaign for Nutella in 2017 was a huge success, with penetration up +0.6ppts for the four weeks leading to 31st December[2].

The festive campaign will be supported with TV, VOD, social media, and in-store display solutions.

Limited edition jars will again give the entire Nutella range enhanced presence in store. Four festive designs will be available across the 400g, 750g and 1kg jars, plus Nutella’s first glow-in-the-dark design will feature on Christmas editions of the 200g jar. Shoppers will also have the opportunity to create a personalised jar – for them or a loved one – available exclusively at Debenhams stores in the run up to the big day.

Levi Boorer, Customer Development Director, Ferrero, comments: “Nutella is a firm family favourite, particularly at breakfast time. There are a handful of occasions during the year when the appeal of the range is at its highest, and we are keen to support our retailers in maximising each of those opportunities.

“Getting back into the routine of school mornings is always difficult, but our campaign will remind parents that Nutella and stress-free mornings go hand in hand. Then, from late September onwards people are talking about Christmas again, which is a key period for the category. After the success of the previous campaign, we are excited for another big push this year, with the TV advert the highlight of a broad awareness campaign that will generate more sales across the range.”

The limited edition ‘Make School Mornings Delicious’ jars will be available from mid-August, with the Christmas editions in-store from October until the end of the calendar year.

For further retailer information and advice please visit Ferrero’s trade website www.yourperfectstore.co.uk

or call Ferrero UK Limited on 0208 869 4000.


Present in the UK since 1966, Ferrero is a leading family-owned global company. Ferrero is the fourth-largest player in the global confectionery market (FT, 2015) and its unique and iconic brands are well-loved throughout the UK.  Ferrero’s brand portfolio includes: Nutella; 400g is the UK’s No.1 selling spread SKU[3]; Ferrero Rocher, the UK’s no.2 classic boxed chocolate brand[4]; tic tac, the no.5 pocket confectionery brand[5]; Kinder, the no.3 kids confectionery brand[6]; Kinder Bueno, a top 10 countline brand[7], and most recently Thorntons, Britain’s much-loved chocolate manufacturer and retailer.  The success of each brand is based on quality products which are carefully crafted and supported with significant investment, to deliver great tastes for customers and strong profits for retailers.

Ferrero’s multi-million pound acquisition of Thorntons in 2015 is part of its continued investment in the competitive UK market. The transaction brought together two highly complementary businesses that share the same passion for innovative brand growth, underpinned by a proud heritage with drive and culture built upon family foundations. Ferrero is committed to building a strong and sustainable company that will continue to surprise and delight consumers with high quality confectionery products and experiences.

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