A quiet revolution has been occurring for the last two and a half years – one that could revolutionise cold rooms across the UK.

A Green Door™, like that shown in the image here, was installed in the cold store of a leading national food retailer in September 2009.  It has since impressed all those using it, and remains in good condition to this day.  Its USP is simple: the Green Door™ is the most energy saving cold room door with the longest life and minimum servicing requirement available on the market.  But it is not this which is set to revolutionise the marketplace – it’s the fact that this green door is installed without a night door.

The benefits of this are manyfold: there is no night door to keep constantly closed; no high capital cost associated with a night door; no night door maintenance expenditure; and no alarms being disabled by staff with intriguing deployment of chewing gum or the like.  In short, there is simply NO night door!

Brian Seymour, Chairman of Seymour Manufacturing, and developer of the Green Door™, explains: “Our driving objective is to design products that not only save our customers significant amounts of money and reduce their carbon production, but which are also appealing to the end user. Simply, a non-user-friendly product will be ignored or misused – it needs to be easy to use and attractive.

“Our research has shown that the night door, so often considered essential, is one of the most hated pieces of equipment in current use.  We were quietly confident that the Green Door™ would revolutionise the cold room sector, but so fundamental are the potential implications that come with it, we were cautious about officially launching it to the market too soon.  Simply, however, the experience of those already using it verifies the Green Door’s credentials – it really can be installed without a night door, and that in itself could be one of the biggest developments in the sector for a long time.”

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About Seymour Manufacturing

Established in the early 1980’s, SMI is a world leader in thermal insulation products created using Tempro®, a material which remains unchallenged as the world’s thinnest and most thermally efficient material of its kind. SMI supplies thermal insulation products to a wide range of industries including food manufacturing and retail; chemicals; agricultural and home delivery products. As well as a UK base, SMI is active in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Slovakia, Australia and South Africa, and is currently in discussions with representatives in America and Canada. In the defence sector Tempro® is used for logistics services, temporary building liners and specialist applications in aerospace. The material is lightweight, thermal-image proof and superior to anything similar in the world

SMI has a programme of continuous development in conjunction with its customers thus ensuring that both keep up to date with technological developments. SMI’s thermal claims have been validated by the Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association and the Building Research Establishment. All SMI products are easily cleaned, anti-fungicidal, of hardwearing construction, UV stabilised and flame retardant

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