Despite the washout Summer of 2012, Leicestershire-based refrigeration manufacturer Husky International Ltd. continue to report rising sales of one of its most innovative new ranges, the ZubZero beer froster.

ZubZero is a sophisticated froster concept, designed to take the temperature of beer down to minus 3°C. The process delivers a beer 5°C colder than most other beers.

“Increased international travel has exposed people to ultra-cold beers whilst abroad, and many people prefer to enjoy beer the way it’s served there, i.e. with condensation on the side of the glass” explained Husky CEO Geoff Thomasson. “To produce the same effect in the UK the drink has to be much colder. It’s taken a great deal of development to blast chill beers in a way that’s still energy-efficient”.

The barbecue season may have taken a hit this year, but the sporting summer has provided plenty of demand for beer that’s colder than ice itself and that will still be ultra-chilled by the time it’s enjoyed. 68% of beer bought in convenience stores is for consumption within four hours, and a ZubZero froster ensures the beer is still significantly colder by the time it’s consumed.

“Beer frosters have been the accepted norm in South America for many years, and some brands insist on a below-zero serve. Continued Mr Thomasson “Brands are always on the look-out for a new USP for their beers so this is a fast-growing market. Consumers in the UK are already used to seeing ‘extra cold’ brands on offer in pubs so have no doubt that the demand for extra cold lagers has already here”.

Enquiries from the hospitality sector has meant that the range has been newly expanded for 2012 to include the extra-wide Z6 upright model, and back bar bottle frosters. Specially designed for this growing market, the Husky ZubZero range features super-spec compressors and fans, and the extra-large display announces from a distance that truly frosted beer is ready.

“The feedback we receive tells us that the extra large display is a real talking point.” said Sally Bentley, Director at Husky Sales “Because the glass remains clear it’s often difficult to know that ZubZero is offering something really special: but the display leaves customers in no doubt!”

Readers of Grocery Trader can take advantage of an exclusive offer on the upright glass door Z6, too. The normal price for this 480 litre model is £799 + VAT, but by quoting “Grocery Trader Magazine” when you call, Husky will give you a massive £100 discount. Husky Sales may be reached on 0845 458 4480.

Leicestershire-based Husky International Ltd. was established in 1957 and remains a family business to this day.  The company designs and builds both its own range and exclusive models for global brands, distributed by agents in 33 countries around the world.

Husky International Ltd

Tel: 01455 555340

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