Niche Cocktails, the first UK company to produce canned shorts, has announced the launch of its fourth flavour combo – a thirst quenching Passion Fruit Daiquiri.

The newest arrival follows hot on the heels of the brand’s launch trio – Blood Orange Old Fashioned, Manuka Honey Whisky Sour, and Matcha Mojito.

Served in seconds, each canned creation is developed in the company’s Suffolk production facility and features premium flavourings to assure customers of a drink as good as if it were prepared by an accomplished mixologist.

The Daiquiri, which comes in a six-can or 24-can party pack, combines passionnfruit juice and white rum. It has sweet-sour floral flavour notes, and carries an 8% alcohol volume.

Emily Mummery, Operations Director for Niche, says: “Adding the Daiquiri to our family of cocktails is a great moment for us, and we’ve all been looking forward to launching something which sits so synonymously with the idea of lazy summertime evenings.

“Before Niche first began trading, we spoke widely to our target audience to see which mixed drinks were most highly favoured, and time and again the Daquiri rose up to the top of the list – in part because people associate it with holidays and high days.”

Niche Cocktails launched in March, just ahead of lockdown.

The company’s intention had been to focus heavily on on-trade, but the strategy was swiftly knocked off course by the pandemic and the immediate closure to thousands of pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs.As a result of the climate, Niche swiftly introduced an online shop to its website, and began trading direct to the public.

Home deliveries have proven popular throughout the last few months, but the re-opening of venues means the business is able to return to its on-trade plan and resume relationships with hospitality owners and managers.

Paddy Bishopp, CEO of the company, admits the period has required a lot of change and restructure, but that it has opened up a significant consumer-facing opportunity which wouldn’t have been a priority at the outset.

“We’ve certainly had to be very flight of foot during this period, and we’ve significantly changed everything about our launch intentions, but it’s actually been an enormous success and has seen us develop a really good following,” he says.

“Bringing out our Daiquiri is our next ‘big moment’, and with another product set to be released before the end of the summer, it’s feeling like a very positive and encouraging period for us.

“Regardless of all that’s going on in the world, people are certainly proving that they want to be able to enjoy a delicious cocktail with little to no fuss.”

Niche’s four flavours are selling successfully at a price of £3.50-£4 retail, with an on-trade of between £6 and £10 per serve.

For more information, visit the Niche website at:

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