• New ‘eye-catching’ gantry is BAT UK’s response to fast-changing market for alternative nicotine products and is due for launch to UK retailers in June
  • A small group of retailers toured a pilot store in Glasgow and the manufacturer in Spain – their feedback will help BAT UK with future improvements.
  • Established BAT UK partner Zedis manufacture the gantry with zero waste using sustainable materials all sourced within 50 km of their factory.

BAT UK is helping retailers make another confident stride in the fast-changing alternative nicotine market by launching a new sustainable gantry solution.

The gantry blends sustainability, innovation and quality and is BAT’s response to ongoing changes in the UK market for tobacco and the rise in the number of alternative nicotine products.

Set for launch to retailers in June, the gantry includes several features to help retailers to display products and promotions more clearly for customers.

“The alternative nicotine category is evolving very quickly and it’s hard to determine where it will lead to next,” said Afzal Rahman, B2B manager at BAT UK.

“We want to work with independent retailers to create an ideal solution to help them navigate the category and be successful in it too.”

The gantry highlights new products and displays a product range in a clear and distinct way with its backlit design, helping customers browse and choose the right products for them.

Three media screens installed above the gantry will help retailers market products such as Vuse* and Velo*. The screens can be tailored to any promotion, keeping adult nicotine consumers informed before they reach the till area.

Hashim Tahir, B2B executive at BAT UK, said: “With the exceptional growth of vapes in the past few years, BAT UK noticed a gap in the market, and we realised retailers aren’t equipped to merchandise and range the category correctly to drive sales and attract adult nicotine consumers to the category.

“We want to help retailers update their tobacco gantries, which can be seen as outdated as retailers transition to drawers underneath the till area. The gantry we have built offers a multi-category solution where retailers are able to display vapes and alternative nicotine products together, while having space for tobacco.”

Retailers on tour

A group of seven UK retailers joined representatives from BAT, on a visit to the 800sq ft Day-Today store in Glasgow. Owner Irfan Ahmad became the first UK retailer to offer the new gantry solution, a decision he made based on its modern design and focus on alternative nicotine products.

“Other companies we reached out could only offer the traditional tobacco gantry and they hadn’t moved with the market,” explained Ahmad. “BAT UK’s new gantry is offering something new by focusing on alternative nicotine products”.

“Working with BAT UK has been great,” Ahmad said. “They worked with me every step of the way, helping me to understand the alternative nicotine product category, as well as ensuring we offered the right products. BAT UK really listened to me about what I needed in my store to drive sales.”

Six of the seven retailers also joined BAT UK and Retail Express to visit the Zedis factory in Barcelona to see how each gantry is made.

They praised the new solution and the invitation from BAT to help shape the product in future:

Vince Malone, Tenby Stores and Post Office, Pembrokeshire

“It’s clear BAT UK are great at what they do and today has been fantastic. From a customer’s point of view, the gantry is really eye-catching. It will capture their attention as soon as they walk in store, and while they might not purchase something straightaway, it brings those products to the forefront of their mind.”

Sunita Aggarwal, Spar Hackenthorpe, Sheffield

“Going on the tour was amazing to see how they put everything together. We also liked how they source all their materials locally, too. It’s nice to be part of the journey, listened and spoken to us and taken on our ideas.”

Sustainable, high quality

Building a sustainable gantry solution was key for BAT UK – the new gantry uses 100% recycled plastic and a selection of wood and metal that makes it lighter in weight than previous solutions. All materials used to make the gantry are sourced from within a radius of 50km of the Barcelona site and their reuse or recycling means there’s zero wastage from the manufacturing process.

A Wi-Fi linked smart plug can help retailers using the gantry to monitor its energy consumption.

In addition to LED lighting, the new gantry offers push mechanisms, adjustable shelf height and has a central locking system for the drawers to help keep tobacco secure. Retailers will also benefit from upgradable product labels and unique planogram updates.

  • Retailers who join My BAT Rewards can apply for the gantry at no additional cost.
  • Stores will enter an initial five-year contract with BAT UK, with a 50% requirement of BAT UK’s products to ensure maximum rewards.
  • The first gantries will be installed by June 2023 and take a day to install. BAT UK has a dedicated team throughout the UK to install the gantries and will work with retailers to determine the best time for installation, including options outside of business hours, to minimise disruption.
  • For more about BAT UK’s new gantry solution please get in touch by email on batuk_customer_enquiries@bat.com

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