Džiugas the award-winning Lithuanian cheese is breaking new ground with the launch of four gourmet grated cheese mixes, each specifically created to provide the perfect finishing touch to Pizza or Pasta or Salads or Bakes.

DziugasGratedCheeseMergedThis innovative idea carefully mixes Džiugas of different maturities to achieve the ideal combination to use as a Pizza mix, Pasta mix, Salad mix or Bake mix. It also delivers  the best texture and melt rate to suit each style of food, based on how it is cooked and served. Each mix takes the basic grated cheese concept and elevates it into a gourmet solution that is perfect for every day consumption.   For absolute freshness and convenience, the product is packaged in a resealable bag, which also carries delicious recipe ideas for extra inspiration.

The Pizza Grated Cheese Mix is ideal for topping pizzas and has been selected to deliver the ideal mix of Dziugas maturities & flavours to complement a classic pizza. It is also delicious when melted on steak, as a topping on grilled fish, or oozing over a baked potato.

The Salad Grated Cheese Mix features the Dziugas maturities that give a perfect piquant finish when sprinkled on salad or over garlic bread. It has enough bite to add texture, while the balance of savoury creaminess gives the perfect finishing touch a fresh dish.

The Pasta Grated Cheese Mix has been carefully blended to add a creamy, aromatic touch that is ideal for cheese based pasta dishes such as Lasagne or for a fondue. Simply adding this mix to an omlette will turn it into meal fit for a gourmet, while a simple sprinkle over even the plainest pasta will transform the dish into a three star delight.

The Bake Grated Cheese Mix comprises a mix of Dziugas cheese that is rich and smooth and therefore ideal for use in sauces, to top off a soup or to melt in a panini or on a toasted sandwich.

Each 250 gram pack of Dziugas Grated Cheese Mix is suitable for vegetarians and provides calcium into a balanced diet, as well as bein an excellent source of protein and energy. Delicious, easy and clever, there’s every good reason for stocking the  Dziugas Grated Cheese Mixes in 2015.

Džiugas is available through Carron Lodge amongst other distributors. For more information please contact: a.staponkus@zpienas.lt

Email: a.staponkus@zpienas.lt

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