kingsmill-oatilicious-image-oneFamily bread brand Kingsmill is back on TV with a new creative in support of its most recent category innovation, Kingsmill Oatilicious. The new TV ad, which is part of the brand’s wider ‘Confessions’ campaign, is intended to help promote the brand’s new loaf, which delivers on taste and health credentials.

Created by M&C Saatchi, the latest ad will be aired for four weeks from 1st March, and is part of the brand’s wider Kingsmill Oatilicious ATL support activity, worth £1.5m. The new ad will also be accompanied by a radio ad for four weeks from 16th March.

Kingsmill Oatilicious is a great new innovation which combines great taste and smooth texture with the added benefits of wholegrain oats, and the new creative clearly highlights the loaf’s wide family appeal.

The advert opens on a typical weekday morning, with Dad enjoying his usual morning shower while Mum is making the kids’ sandwiches in the kitchen. The ad then breaks to communicate the loaf’s perfect combination of wheat flour and wholegrain oats, but without the bits. Mum’s slice of Kingsmill Oatilicious toast is so delicious she gets lost in the moment until she suddenly realises the kids are still in bed. She decides to use ‘modern day communication’ to enlist Dad’s help and turns on the hot tap – while he is still in the shower – which results in the water from the shower turning ice cold. Dad yelps so loudly that the kids wake in an instant.

Michael Harris, Kingsmill Marketing Controller, says, “Our latest ad from the Kingsmill ‘Confessions’ campaign supports our new Kingsmill Oatilicious loaf.  The ad is a light-hearted take on a typical family weekday morning, highlighting both the irresistibility of Kingsmill Oatilicious and the inclusion of wholegrain oats, which communicates the loaf’s extra reassurance of goodness. The versatility of Kingsmill Oatilicious means that it can be enjoyed at any time of the day, from sandwiches to toast.”

The latest ad from the brand’s ‘Confessions’ campaign is part of Kingsmill’s £11m marketing investment for 2009/10 – the brand’s largest investment since its 2007 re-launch. The new Kingsmill Oatilicious TV ad is also supported by in-store activation, promotions and extensive regional sampling.

Kingsmill Oatilicious is an innovative entry to the ‘Healthier White’ segment – currently worth £185m. Recent research suggests there is a growing demand for healthier food options, with 22% of food choices being made with health benefits front of mind.

Kingsmill Oatilicious is available in all major supermarkets with an RRP of £1.39 and convenience stores with an RRP of £1.45.

For more information on the Kingsmill range and the brand’s current advertising campaigns, please contact 0800 197 0110 or visit

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