j2-wave• The J2 Wave goes down a storm with partners and clients in the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors.

• Sets a new standard for mobile POS: top marks for durability, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

• Increases staff productivity, reduces errors, uplifts order values and makes for happier customers.

• “With the J2 Wave, we’ve got a great blend of all the positive points of handhelds and eliminated all the negative points,” says Malcolm White of ICR Systems.

Global manufacturer of PC-based touchscreen EPoS tills, J2 Retail Systems, has entered the handheld point-of-sale and point-of-service market with its new touchscreen unit, the J2 Wave. The machine, which was designed inhouse and built to the manufacturer’s specifications, has been launched worldwide to critical acclaim. The J2 Wave will have universal appeal in a number of sectors and industries including retail and hospitality.

Ideal for bars, restaurants and fast-food outlets, the J2 Wave makes easy work of table-side order-taking and bill creation. It mobilises bar, club and restaurant staff to be wherever their customers are, giving them fast and personal service by taking orders anywhere, inside or outside. Equipped with a J2 Wave, waiting staff find it easy to propose additional food and drinks, so the unit is proving its worth as a selling-up tool.

With the addition of a scanner, the J2 Wave is also a great tool for the retail sector and can be used for stock control purposes. J2 Retail Systems is known for the innovation, functionality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of its units. Explains J2’s co-founder and managing director, Moray Boyd: “The J2 Wave sets a new standard for mobile solutions in the often harsh environments of hospitality and retail. This lightweight handheld delivers unmatched price performance for any open architecture POS application and has been very warmly welcomed by our partners and their clients.”

Says Malcolm White at J2 solutions partner, ICR Systems: “We’ve looked at a number of handhelds in the past and they were never perfect. With the J2 Wave, we’ve got a great blend of all the positive points of handhelds. It’s eliminated all the negative points.  When I gave it to my client to trial, I said “get used to it, as you won’t want to give it back!” and I was right. That client is now equipping staff with J2 Waves in his busy bar and restaurant business and he’s increasing his turnover.”

The J2 Wave handles very well. It is lightweight (320g) and comfortable to hold (84mm wide). A hand-strap makes it secure and minimises the chances of it being dropped.  However, if this happens, it is reassuring to know that the unit has been built for maximum durability and can withstand being dropped from heights of up to 1.5m.

The J2 Wave’s screen is large, clear and responsive, which makes for ease of use and fewer order entry errors. For maximum flexibility, the screen can be rotated or set in landscape or portrait format. The unit boasts a long battery life of 8+ hours and, when charging is necessary, an ergonomic single-unit or four-unit charging cradle is provided.

Concludes Moray Boyd: “The J2 Wave is cost-effective to buy and gives a rapid return on investment. It increases staff productivity through faster and virtually error-free order-taking, and it’s showing its worth too in terms of better-served customers who spend more.”

J2 Retail Systems

Moray Boyd

Tel: 01925 854 841

E: mboyd@j2retailsystems.com


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