Easy upgrade, effortless maintenance and strong power-saving ‘green’ architecture results in a genuine retail-ready POS with years of endurance on board

TOSHIBA TEC’s new WILLPOS M30 provides an affordable, high-speed Point of Sale system in a sleek, compact unit designed for retailers wishing to connect with consumers in the new world of multi-channel retailing.

Combining cost-effectiveness with the high performance usually associated with business PCs, it operates at five to 20 times faster than the competitive top-of-the-range POS systems currently available, making it the ideal choice for both busy food and non-food retail operations.

The powerful, affordable WILLPOS M30 is based on the latest Intel® AMT technology, offering up to 16GB of memory, plus a range of processing options to suit every budget and the most demanding of applications.

This superior processing power makes the new retail-hardened M30 suitable as a back-office PC server or a Kiosk engine box, with inventory control, stock taking, ordering, customer management and sales management, all within its capabilities.

An estimated life span of a retail hardened system is 5+ years compared to that of a standard PC product, which is normally in the region of 12-18 month. This, combined with essential future proofing upgrade options, ensures that retailers will receive a positive return on their investment.

Toshiba POS systems are known for their ease of maintenance and the WILLPOS M30 with its front-loading design for quick and easy replacement of the hard drive is no exception. Plus Raid mirroring support offers reliable data storage.

A full remote management package ensures that even a novice can change the software without intervention from an engineer, saving on downtime.

Toshiba’s industry-leading power-saving ‘green credentials’ and future-proof upgrade options also lead to a positive ROI and set the WILLPOS M30 apart from other PC-based POS systems. Its embedded ‘Hibernation’ or ‘Deep Sleep’ mode reduces its energy consumption dramatically when compared to the traditional ‘stand-by’ mode, further reducing cost of ownership and boosting its environmental credentials.

Toshiba is committed to offering POS platforms that are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the demands of the speciality retail market. The organisation understands the needs of retailers and focuses on providing POS systems that are reliable, durable and can operate under extreme conditions.

All Toshiba products are designed to strict ecological policies that are mindful of the environment and help to further strengthen a retailer’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme at no extra cost.


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