scalepro.jpgSupermarket refrigeration breakdowns may be the tip of the iceberg. A call from one of Britain’s biggest supermarket chains has led Advanced Engineering to discover a problem that could be hampering the refrigeration systems at over a thousand premises nationwide… and to create a unique and highly effective solution. Managers at the household-name retailer became concerned after repeated refrigeration breakdowns at a number of its stores began to put food safety at risk.

The problem was traced to stubborn limescale deposits blocking airflow through roof-mounted condensers, causing the systems to struggle and eventually trip under high head pressure, even in winter. Aware that the problem would only get worse as summer approached, the company’s head of refrigeration contacted coil cleaning experts from Advanced Engineering for assistance.

Visiting sites in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Advanced’s technical team immediately spotted problems with adiabatic cooling in constant use, spraying water directly onto the condenser coil and creating the heavy, mineral build-up.

Advanced Sales Director Vern Klein says: “Removing such thick limescale from delicate aluminium cooling fins is a tricky problem, because there’s a fine line between shifting the deposits and damaging the system itself.

“For this reason, we worked closely with the company’s own engineers, made a number of visits and developed a purpose-built product from scratch to do the job.

“The result is ScalePro, a fast-acting limescale remover designed specifically for outdoor condenser coils. It removed the build-up at a stroke, and the company’s senior engineer tells us head pressure has already fallen by twenty percent. It could now be used to solve similar issues in as many as two hundred of their other stores nationwide.”

Following its initial success, Advanced will now make ScalePro available to other companies, and is offering a FREE site visit to premises experiencing similar problems.

Vern Klein believes many more premises with comparable refrigeration systems could benefit, not least other supermarkets.

He explains: “Adiabatic systems, which use water to pre-cool the air, should never bring the water into contact with the coil. However there are plenty of systems where this is not the case, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the ‘big five’ supermarket chains have similar issues where ScalePro could help.

“However, because it’s such a powerful, specialist solution, we’re taking the unusual step of visiting the affected site, free of charge, to assess the problem and ensure ScalePro will be used correctly in each case.”

To enquire about ScalePro or arrange a FREE site visit, contact Advanced Engineering Ltd, today

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