LINPAC Packaging has developed a new range of rigid plastic retail ready packaging solutions to meet growing demands from retailers for a more presentable and efficient method of replenishing stock.

Retail ready packaging (RRP) is used to improve merchandise appearance on the retail shelf through the use of self-contained display boxes or trays and it is a fast-growing niche sector within the industry; figures from PIRA International (Future of RRP to 2016) show that demand for RRP will reach 27 million tonnes by 2016, up from a 19 million tonne base in 2010.

Benefits to retailers using RRP include improved efficiency in terms of shelf space and time taken to re-stock shelves, brand enhancement and shelf appeal which increases sales, less damage to food products while being stored in the warehouse and once on the shelves.

Joanna Stephenson, Vice President of Innovation at LINPAC Packaging said: “The growing trend towards shelf ready or retail ready packaging solutions has emerged due to cost down initiatives at the retailer level. RRP enables retailers to achieve significant cost savings by reducing labour costs, improving productivity and reducing ‘out-of-stock’ situations. It is already quite well established in Northern Europe and the idea is starting to take off elsewhere too.

“Our range of RRP has been developed to help retailers run their stores with greater ease and efficiency, combining minimal handling and quick stock replenishment with attractive display. Our Fresh Thinking philosophy has really been at the heart of this product development – listening and responding to our customers who were looking for a more robust, high quality alternative to corrugated or folding carton solutions which do not work well in moist, chilled environments.”

The RRP market is dominated by corrugated board but plastic is a growing trend, representing approximately 24% of market share compared to 75% corrugated carton board according to PIRA) because of its structural integrity.

Joanna added: “LINPAC’s plastic RRP will take on the more common carton solutions which are more susceptible to damage during transportation, risking the goods contained within. Rigid plastic RRP solutions have a greater level of flexibility, giving better impact absorption and an overall more structurally sound package. RRP is the future of retail storage, display and transport and at LINPAC Packaging we are committed to being able to deliver a quality product range to our customers.”

LINPAC Packaging is part of the LINPAC Group of companies – see – and in the UK delivers to the protein, bakery, fruit & produce and food service markets from Featherstone and St Helens and has its global headquarters at Featherstone, West Yorkshire.

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