organix-baby-foods-new-packagingIn response to mums’ need for natural foods they can trust, pioneering organic baby food brand Organix has developed a new look for its baby foods – new clearer packaging that makes it even easier for mums to introduce new flavours, textures and tastes to baby at the right time. It also comes as mums show an increased desire for organic baby food, which is currently out-stripping growth in conventional baby foods, with sales up 15% (compared with 13% in the previous year).

The new look packaging communicates the taste and texture message, and provides essential information on the natural ingredients. Additionally, the Organix No Junk Promise guarantees no unnecessary artificial ingredients are added, so mums can rest assured the foods they’re weaning baby on are safe, pure and nutritious. The redesign takes mums on an exciting journey, at the time when babies are most receptive to discovering new tastes and textures.

Anna Rosier, Managing Director at Organix, says, “This is an exciting taste and texture journey for mum and baby, and in store at the point of purchase we are making it even easier for mum to shop the fixture”.

She adds, “We want to go beyond organic and further than our No Junk Promise.  We’re 100% confident about the ingredients in our recipes, but when purchasing baby foods mum needs accurate information presented in a way she can easily make informed choices about what her child is eating. It’s about clear and honest labelling – our new packs are full of common sense. We want mums to know they’re buying food that’s as close to what they get when they make it themselves.”

At a glance mum can see she’s choosing organic and pure recipes, full of real and natural flavours, and what type of taste (Simple, Exploring or Adventurous) and texture (Smooth, Textured or Chunky) she can expect baby to experience. It’s the start of a total taste map to help lay the foundations for baby on a lifetime adventure of food. Babies can grow up with Organix, from weaning, through toddler.

According to the Organix research, first and second time mums want to feed their babies real and interesting foods, to avoid fussy eating. They want to give them a range of flavours with more interesting adult-like ingredients; and they want it to be real, natural foods they can trust, pure foods that are as close as possible to food with home cooked taste and flavour – and if they’re not cooking it at home it has to be the next best thing.

With the new look Organix packs it’s easy for mum to choose:

•Baby age and stage: stage 1 / from 4 months; stage 2 / from 7 months; stage 3 / from 9 months

•Taste: from Simple to Exploring to Adventurous

•Texture: from Smooth (for first weaning) to Textured, to Chunky (for older babies)

The simple to read and easy to see recipes take mum on an exciting journey. For example Organix Banana Porridge highlights it’s suitable for babies from four months at Stage 1 of weaning, is Simple and Smooth, referring to the taste and texture. Mums will also see it carries the Organix No Junk Promise, and contains no added sugar, no added salt and no additives. Images of real tasty bananas and the recipe in a bowl help highlight the pure and natural taste of organic and a yummy porridge for baby.

Anna Rosier says, “We are currently experiencing record market shares (16.5%) for retail sales of the brand, and with value sales growth for the market accelerating and up year on year, we are optimistic that with the new look packaging on shelf we will see this trend continuing for Organix”.

For mums and babies on the go, or busy parents looking for the convenience of ready-made food, Organix has a range of recipes that children can grow with, from the smooth first teaspoon of baby rice, to savoury meals and finger food. The new packaging design on Organix baby cereals, savoury and fruit pots and snacks will be rolled-out into supermarkets.

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