roast_venison_roasting_bag_plateReady to cook venison, wild boar and lamb dishes arrive from Germany.

GETI WILBA is set to launch its range of premium frozen meat products into the UK, offering ready to cook venison, wild boar and lamb.

The seven prepared dishes are ideal for customers who want to cook a healthy family meal or create an exciting dinner party main course.

Many of the products are unique to the British market and include prime cuts of venison such as venison steak, medallions and goulash as well as dishes for roasting, such as wild boar, lamb joints and shoulder of venison.

GETI WILBA is a speciality producer of game and meat products in Germany, supplying many of the major supermarket chains in the country. They have a reputation for selecting quality meats from around the world, with the majority of their free range lamb and venison originating from New Zealand, whilst the wild boar and wild venison are sourced from Germany and Eastern Europe.

It is GETI WILBA’s policy to only use wild and free range meats where the animals graze on natural grasses and feeds. No growth promotants, antibiotics, animal meats or genetically modified ingredients are allowed to enter the food chain on the free range farms.

The product portfolio is being distributed in the UK by Hugh Shallcross of Henryson Foods International Ltd. According to Mr Shallcross: “The GETI WILBA range will give UK consumers access to meats previously only available in a limited number of specialist shops.

“The fact the dishes are prepared and ready to cook, gives the consumer the confidence to try a new meat that they may not have cooked with before, such as venison, whilst guaranteeing a delicious meal first time.

“Two of the dishes intended for roasting, lamb and venison, are presented in roasting bags with their own integrated thermometer, which pops up as a clearly visible indicator when the meat is fully cooked and ready to eat, totally eliminating any stress or worry for the chef regarding undercooked or overcooked meat.

“The GETI WILBA range constitutes a healthy choice for customers. Venison is lower in fat and cholesterol than most other meats, including beef, lamb, pork and chicken. Similarly, wild boar meat is leaner than pork with a more distinct flavour.

“The frozen products in this range retain an excellent flavour, and are a perfect addition to the premium meal selections offered by UK supermarkets and food service suppliers.”

Henry Son Foods International (HFI) Ltd

Hugh Shallcross

Tel: 01568 610270

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