line-up-port-marsala-madeira-red-and-white-v2Gourmet Classic, the alcoholic cooking ingredients specialist, has added a new selection of Fortified Wines to its range. Featuring the most popuar fortified cooking wines in the kitchen,  the new selection is ideal for those that love to cook but who refuse to use dusty old bottles to be found at the back of the drinks cabinet. Each 250ml bottle gives the capable cook just enough for recipes such as puddings, preserves, sauces and special occasion glazes.

Priced from just £1.35, the new selection also offers great value in the kitchen and avoids splashing out for a whole bottle of booze when a splash is all that a recipe calls for.

Blaize Rhodes, Commercial Manager at Gourmet Classic comments: “The new Fortified Wines range strengthens our retail portfolio and capitalises on our expertise in cooking with alcohol. Chefs have trusted our knowledge in this area of cooking for the past decade and we’re delighted to be extending our offering to consumers that share our passion for good food.”

Naturally sweeter and stronger than standard cooking wines, these ingredients help to delivery a greater intensity of flavour to a range of dishes.

Gourmet Classic Marsala – Quintessential for many Italian dishes such as risotto, cream pasta dishes or use in contemporary rose veal recipes.

Gourmet Classic Cooking Port – Perfect for intense reductions to complement beef and game dishes.

Gourmet Classic Vermouth – Brilliant for fish recipes, vermouth can be used in any recipe that calls for white wine to add intensity and depth of flavour.

Gourmet Classic Madeira – Used instead of sherry to add a classy twist to favourite dessert dishes.

For sales information, recipes and tips, visit or call 01202 863040.

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