HARIBO has welcomed a festive favourite into its Christmas impulse range, with a new format for HARIBO Puck Penguin, extending the brand’s selection of novelty treats.

Puck Penguin, which joins HARIBO Starmixmas and Giant Trees sharing bags, is a jelly and foam penguin-shaped sweet in peach & vanilla, blackcurrant & vanilla and strawberry & vanilla fruit flavour combinations.

In 2019, HARIBO’s seasonal range experienced growth at 9.3%1 and played a leading role in success for the UK’s number one sweets manufacturer. With HARIBO seasonal medium bags reporting +14.2%1, while giving and sharing products showed 19.5%1, value sales were +3.9% during the Christmas period.

Claire James, Trade Marketing Manager at HARIBO, comments: “Our seasonal sharing bags are an excellent way for shoppers to get into the spirit of Christmas. As we countdown to the festive season, which according to research starts earlier and earlier each year2, this fun and themed format drives impulse sales for retailers.”

HARIBO Starmixmas (175g) is the festive extension for Starmix and includes an apple strudel Bottle, a cherry trifle Heart, gingerbread Bears, a cherry & eggnog crumble Ring and eggnog Eggs. Growing by 80.7% within convenience in 20191, this fun and themed product has maintained buoyant sales volumes year-on-year since its launch in 20163.

Meanwhile, Giant Trees, HARIBO’s number one seasonal prepack, grew by 600% within convenience1. Giant Trees (70g/175g) deliver the much-loved taste and texture of Giant Strawbs and are suitable for vegetarians.

HARIBO Christmas gifts and stocking fillers that hero HARIBO favourites and bring together various sweets in festive designs and giftable packs, will also return to the seasonal aisle following +39% growth in 2019 1.

Sweet Medley (480g) includes Starmix, Tangfastics, Supermix, Giant Strawbs, Jelly Beans and Jelly Babies Double Trouble; and the HARIBO Selection Box (182g), which adds much-needed variety, continue to be popular Christmas purchases.

HARIBO Tangfastics and Starmix Tubes (120g) complete the line-up, delivering a sweet gesture for those looking for a tasty, popular stocking filler.

When it comes to sharing this Christmas, HARIBO’s sharing tubs and pouches have grown by 53% in convenience1. Perfect for the whole family, shoppers should look out for the Share the Fun Tub (600g) and Pouch (500g) which have become firm favourites.

Claire adds: “Sweets have a role to play at Christmas and provide a suitable alternative to chocolate. According to our research, one in three shoppers expect to see jelly and foam sweets with 50% saying HARIBO is ideal4. After all, this range is bright, Christmassy, offers treat sizes, appeals to the whole family and is great fun!”

For further details about HARIBO and its full seasonal round-up, visit www.haribo.co.uk or contact the sales team at tel: 01977 600266.

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