The UK’s first and only 100% Fairtrade Nut company, Liberation Foods has re-launched its brand with two new premium snacking products, complete with adventurous flavours and a refresh of the quirky brand identity.

The snack nut products: Oven baked Chilli & Lime Cashews with Peanuts & Roasted Corn AND Oven Baked Salted Cashews & Peanuts champion flavour innovation whilst tapping into key consumer trends. Nielsen data reveals roasted nuts are the second most popular snack eaten by over 50% of snack consumers and the UK Fairtrade market grew by 19% in 2012.

Designed to capture the imagination and hearts of consumers, enhance on-shelf visibility with its bright, bold colours whilst celebrating its enviable Fairtrade credentials, the packaging illustrates two nut characters proudly holding a Fairtrade placard.

True to Liberation’s mission, all nuts are sourced from co-operatives of small-scale growers and farmers who own a 44% share of the company. With peanuts coming from Nicaragua and Malawi and cashews all the way from India, Liberation exists to support the livelihoods of its farmers who in turn provide the best tasting product.

Kate Gaskell, Managing Director of Liberation explains, “Our farmers around the world and the team here in London are delighted to be re-launching our brand. We’re lucky to be in the Fairtrade nuts game as both Fairtrade and snacking nuts are categories that remain in strong growth despite the tough economic climate. I believe that the market for nuts is set to continue to grow as they are convenient, tasty food with excellent nutritional and environmental credentials. Our blend of nuts and crunchy corn with chilli and lime is pretty addictive so we’re hoping to start a new trend in sustainable snacking!”

Product Information:

Oven Baked Chilli & Lime Cashews with Peanuts & Roasted Corn

Inspired by the colour and flavour of street food in Latin America, creamy cashew nuts are coated in a special chilli and lime seasoning and oven baked slowly. The peanuts are lightly salted and baked. Once the nuts are perfectly seasoned they are mixed in with the chilli corn kernels to create the perfect blend of citrus and spice. This product taps into consumers’ increasing desire for adventurous flavours and ingredients.

Oven Baked Salted Cashews & Peanuts

Each ingredient is baked separately to bring out the natural nut flavour and enhance the crunch; this is complemented by just the right amount of sprinkled salt (that stays on the nut). Salted nuts remain the most popular of the snacking nuts – it’s hard to beat a classic combination.

Available in selected Waitrose stores from August.

Liberation Foods

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