Fresh soup specialist New Covent Garden Soup Co is attracting health-conscious consumers to the soup fixture by introducing a new ‘five-a-day’ logo on their soup cartons.

The new logo indicates how many of a consumer’s five recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables each soup portion contains.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of eating fresh fruit and vegetables,” says Nigel Parrott, New Covent Garden’s Group Marketing Director. “The new packs will allow them to gain a quick and easy understanding of how many portions they are consuming.

“We expect the packs to attract new consumers who are on the lookout for healthy, feel-good meal options, as well as reminding existing consumers that their favourite soups are packed full of goodness as well as tasting delicious.”

Two-thirds of the New Covent Garden soup range provide one to two of a consumer’s five-a-day in just half a 600g carton (or per carton for the smaller 99 Calorie range packs).

New Covent Garden Soup Co

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