Newly launched Brookie Cookies Mix is the perfect indulgent treat; half brownie, half cookie!

Dr. Oetker, the UK’s leading home baking brand, is adding to its existing collection of cake mixes and has launched its brand new Brookie Cookies Baking Mix. 

The Brookie Cookies Baking Mix joins Dr. Oetker’s extensive home baking range and is a simple way to create a batch of delicious brookies; half chocolate brownie and half chocolate chip cookie.

Brookie Cookies are new and different, driving excitement in the baking category. Although they could be mistaken for a challenging recipe, Dr. Oetker’s baking mix will enable all bakers to quickly and easily create a bake that not only looks great, but tastes delightful too.

The kit contains a gooey chocolate brownie mix and a soft cookie mix and chocolate chips which are baked together to create a tasty treat.

Dr. Oetker Brookie Cookies Baking Mix (MRRP: £2.75) will be available in ASDA from mid-April. The baking mix contains everything you need to make 8 Brookies.

Jen Brown, Head of Marketing, Cake & Dessert at Dr. Oetker UK, comments: “Even as we move into a post-covid world, baking at home remains a popular pastime for individuals, couples and families and there always looking for inspiration for new bakes. 

“Brookie Cookies combine two much loved bakes in a hybrid recipe and we wanted to make it quick and simple for home bakers to have a go at making Brookie Cookies themselves.  With this mix it is easy to create Brookies that are absolutely delicious, to enjoy for both special occasions or simply a mid-week treat.  

“This fantastic addition to Dr. Oetker’s cake mix range means that home bakers of any level can create wonderful bakes that the entire family will love.” 

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