New from vitamin and mineral supplements specialist Principle Healthcare, the Body Volt high energy brand launches with two big value products. Body Volt Dextrose Triple Pack consists of high energy chewable dextrose tablets in raspberry, lemon and orange flavours, retailing for around £1.50 for 3 x 17 tablet packs. Body Volt Energize Boost with Guarana, with an RRP of £4.99 for a 20 tablet pack, contains a full mixture of B vitamins as well as a natural source of caffeine and dissolves in water to make a refreshing, orange-flavoured energising drink.

The market for sports nutrition and high energy supplements continues to increase rapidly, with global sales set to exceed $90 billion in 2013, representing a 24% growth rate. Consumers looking to enhance physical properties like strength and endurance, to increase mental performance and concentration, or seeking an instant pick-me-up are amongst those buying the products. Typical customers include athletes and sportspeople, pupils and students taking exams, working professionals, fitness enthusiasts, car and truck drivers, and diabetics with signs of low blood sugar.

Body Volt Dextrose tablets, with added Vitamin C, deliver monosaccharide, a form of sugar that does not need to be digested, which enters the bloodstream and provides an instantly- available form of energy. The Vitamin C content assists that process by contributing to the body?s normal energy-yielding metabolism. There are three natural fruit varieties, all free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, each tablet providing 39kJ of energy.

Body Volt Energize Boost contains Guarana, a popular natural ingredient in energy drinks, which is amongst the richest source of caffeine, providing three times as much as coffee. It aids the ability to concentrate, improves mental alertness and helps increase stamina and physical endurance. Other ingredients like the Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C Niacin and Folic Acid contribute toward normal energy metabolism, the immune system?s function and reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Each orange-flavoured effervescent tablet is dissolved in a glass of water, to make a refreshing drink containing 32mg of caffeine.

Presented in a handy plastic tube with resealable cap, inside a cardboard carton, Body Volt Energize Boost provides a full 20 effervescent tablets, a third more than the current brand leader at a lower RRP.

Body Volt products are available now from selected wholesalers or direct from Principle Healthcare.

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