As part of their annual bursary programme, Nelsons, the UK’s largest manufacturer of natural healthcare products, have donated a new customised ambulance to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability.

Based in Putney, West London, The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability is a national medical charity, which works with adults affected by severe neurological disability through specialist long term care and rehabilitation. Founded almost 160 years ago, the RHN finds ability in disability and seeks to advance the science of care through its research and education, helping to achieve the best possible quality of life for everyone living with neurological disability.

The vehicle underwent a series of changes to make it into an ambulance that will meet the specific needs of the RHN’s patients and residents. Starting as a panelled van, the panels were cut out from the inside to create windows, before a new floor was built with the addition of tracking for seats and wheelchair restraints. A new inverter was added to increase power supply, which will enable ventilator patients to be able to travel in the ambulance. Other additions to the van included a stretcher lift, extra heating and air conditioning, blue lights and a siren. The windows were also tinted and signage was added to the exterior.

Robert Wilson, Chairman of Nelsons, says “Nelsons and the Royal Hospital have both been providing high quality healthcare for over 150 years and, as their neighbour, it is our pleasure to contribute to their fantastic work and hopefully make a palliative difference to their patients.”

Angus Somerville, Chief Executive at Royal Hospital of Neuro-disability, says “To receive such generous support from Nelsons is hugely important to for the RHN, and most especially to those we care for.  Having an ambulance fleet is vital, as our very disabled patients depend on this service for routine medical appointments at other facilities, trips to see their families, and recreation and leisure outings that add so much to their quality of life.  We were thrilled that Nelsons offered to help and fully funded the purchase of the new ambulance.”


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