Naturally Cool Kids sees skincare products through a child’s eyes. It’s got to be fun, they need to be able to independently apply it when they get to a certain age, and it hasn’t to be greasy (Yuk). All these little things make life that bit easier for parents when their child actually wants to apply product rather than having to battle with them to use it.


The Naturally Cool Kids range consists of two winter products a vapour stick to clear a blocked up stuffy nose and a lip and cheek protector to aid healing, soothe and protect red chapped lips and sore noses. The two summer products consist of an SPF25 zinc based sun cream and an after sun product along with an all year round soap free hair and body wash in a pump action bottle. Prices start from RRP: £7.99

As parents become more and more aware about what they are applying to their children’s skin and see what large companies are adding to these products makes them think again before making a purchase. That’s why Naturally Cool Kids have made sure that their range is free from synthetic nasties, soy, dairy and peanuts. Why add them when there is no need. This also makes it a great choice for vegans and vegetarians.

Naturally Cool Kids packaging is easy for little hands to use and with the colours and characters it makes it a whole lot more fun, than white!  Many ranges are aimed at parents or babies, we fill the in-between gap. Also there are limited natural products for winter and summer protection and we have covered it all, and there is more to come…

The range is made wholly in the UK and this really is a symbol of quality, innovation and excellence.

Our products have worked really well on even open wounded eczema (no stinging) and we are very proud of how gentle our products are on young, sensitive and allergy prone skin.

Naturally Cool Kids

Tel: 01274 861542


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