NANNYcare is the UK’s first goat milk infant formula and is the only one in the world to have been tested extensively in randomised double-blind clinical trials. The goat milk formula used by NANNYcare was developed 30 years ago in New Zealand and has been used successfully around the world for over 25 years in more than 20 countries.


NANNYcare is made from whole goat milk which is now fully regulated and approved for use in infant formula.

NANNYcare for customers

Breast milk is unequivocally the best nutritional choice for infants. For those mums, however, who choose to use infant formula exclusively, for whatever reason, or even to complementary feed they need to find a formula that suits their baby. A lot of formula-fed babies suffer from colic, constipation, reflux or other minor feeding issues. Research shows that 96% of parents of such babies don’t go to see the doctor but simply try switching to a different brand but until now, mums could only choose another cow’s milk based formula. However, NANNYcare offers mums a new choice with a genuinely DIFFERENT protein source, goat milk, and as such may be more likely to make a difference.

NANNYcare for retailers

Specialist milks are booming

Much of the growth in the infant formula market over the last twelve months has been driven by a boom in sales of specialist milks. Now is a good time for retailers to capitalise on this by reviewing their specialist formula range to offer proven products, even when space is limited. Whilst specialist products can command a premium price (and a high cash margin), research highlights that price is a secondary factor when it comes to the health and wellbeing of a child.

• NANNYcare formula milks are high retail value, offer a high cash margin and have a 3 year shelf life.

• Once a Mum chooses NANNYcare for her baby, she is significantly less likely to switch and more likely to make regular repeat purchases.

• Around the world one tin of NANNYcare or similar formulation is sold every 3-4 seconds.

The NANNYcare Range

1. First infant milk Age 0- 12 months Format 400g & 900g Powder £11.90/400g £23.98/900g

2. Follow on milk Age 6-12 months Format 900g Powder £23.98/900g

3. Growing up milk Age 1-3 years Format 400g & 900g Powder £11.90/400g £23.98/900g

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