SNG Commercial Ltd has expanded its high-performance low-cost Muvo range with the launch of a new dishwasher tablet. The all-in-one dishwasher tablets, which match the big brand leaders in quality, offer retailers a cost effective alternative that doesn’t compromise on performance.


With RRPs ranging from £1 – £6.49, both the Original and Lemon variations are available in a range of sizes including a compact 15 pack, a family-sized 30 pack, a big-value 50 pack and a super-value 100 pack. All tablets are packaged in recyclable doypack bags with slim dimensions and full to capacity – meaning that more packs can be loaded onto each lorry load and retailers benefit from more space on their shelves.

The all-in-one tablets, which offer premium results even at low temperatures, provide powerful cleaning performance, streak-free rinse aid, glass protection and shine, stainless steel protection, odour eliminating technology and salt action. The Muvo Dishwasher Tablets also have a dissolvable wrapper which makes them easy-to-use and reduces waste.

Managing Director of SNG Commercial Ltd, Simon Gunter, said: “Muvo’s ethos is to create high-performing quality products at a leading value-orientated price point. We have seen a gap in the market to offer retailers and consumers premium products without the premium price tag. Our new tablets are the first in a line of products for our dishwasher range which we will be expanding over the next 12 months.

“We already have a number of discount retailers on board to start stocking the product from the beginning of November and will be supported by a fully integrated marketing strategy using a combination of in-store promotion, advertising, PR and social media.”

The Muvo Dishwasher Tablets are in line with the company’s Planet Wise Promise, ‘to deliver big results without big consequences’. All Muvo products aim to have a low carbon footprint from recyclable packaging that maximises its space to high-performing products that allow consumers to achieve great results even on economy programmes and short cycles.

For more information visit or contact David Pugh, Head of Marketing & Communications. Email or call 0800 098 8065.

SNG Commercial Ltd

David Pugh, Head of Marketing & Communications

Tel: 0800 098 8065


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