British independent e-cigarette brand multiCIG is giving Big Tobacco a run for their money, racing up sales records to become the UK’s biggest independent producer of electronic vaping devices, a new survey has found. Information compiled by consumer analysis group, Nielsen revealed multiCIG as the largest independent e-cigarette brand in the UK, and the fifth largest brand overall.


multiCIG also showcased the biggest sales increase over the entire category, with 2,882%, compared to that of Big Tobacco rivals, as well as other independents. Since the launch of their newest vaping device, multiVAPE, and their newly designed UK based line of e-liquids, the brand has seen a huge rise in popularity.

Christian Mulcahy, Business Development Director at multiCIG says of this news, “mutiCIG are delighted with these latest results. Not only does the Nielsen data highlight the success multiCIG has achieved over 2015, but it also gives an indication for the future of ecigarettes in 2016: The data showed a total category increase in sales of 18.6%, proving that electronic devices remain extremely popular as an alternative to traditional tobacco.”

Unlike tobacco products which are hidden away, e-cigarettes offer a great opportunity for retailers to generate additional revenue at a higher margin than they were achieving with cigarettes. multiCIG recommends products are displayed prominently next to the till and their high quality merchandising cabinets give retailers the best opportunity to generate additional revenue.

The market has a plethora of products available which would satisfy nearly every consumer requirement. Retailers should try to cater for a spectrum of different electronic cigarette users and provide a choice in the types of device, flavour and nicotine strength.

According to an ASH e-cigarette fact sheet published in May last year, the most popular choice of products chosen by two thirds of those surveyed is an electronic device that is rechargeable with a tank or reservoir that can be refilled with liquids, such as our multiVAPE Kit and range of eliquids. However, nearly a quarter of all e-cigarette users reported that the first device they tried was a disposable option. Based on this, it makes sense for independents to stock a comprehensive range including disposables, kits, and e-liquids in order to fully satisfy consumer demand.

multiCIG is a cig-a-like version which many who are new to vaping will find appealing. multiVAPE is a premium device designed specifically for the multiVAPE e-liquid range. Boasting a powerful 900mAh rechargeable battery, USB charger, a replacement coil and market leading clearomizer which contains bottom dual coil technology, the multiVAPE starter kit is one of our strongest products. We’ve found that the technology behind the multiVAPE helps create a great experience for vapers by generating a substantial amount of vapour. The range of multiVAPE e-liquids on offer are all manufactured here in the UK, they contain pharmaceutical grade nicotine and multiVAPE’s unique flavourings. multiCIG are extremely proud that these liquids recently won the Independent Retail News Product Launch of the Year within the electronic cigarettes category which is a testament to their popularity.

Currently available in 14 flavour options and a choice of nicotine strengths, multiVAPE has flavours to suit everyone. multiVAPE and multiCIG are working on a variety of new products for the future, all designed with our consumer in mind.


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