multiCIG are the UK’s largest independent producer of electronic cigarettes, and since their launch to the market in 2013, multiCIG has enjoyed great success in the industry, winning several awards, most recently receiving the Retail Industry Award for Best Product Launch of the Year for their range of multiVAPE eliquids in September of last year.

Mod-Kit-(Tobacco-18mg)multiCIG is a cig-a-like version which many who are new to vaping will find appealing. multiVAPE is a premium device designed specifically for the multiVAPE eliquid range. Boasting a powerful 900mAh rechargeable battery, USB charger, a replacement coil and market leading clearomizer which contains bottom dual coil technology, the multiVAPE starter kit is one of their strongest products.

The technology behind the multiVAPE helps create a great experience for vapers by generating a substantial amount of vapour. The range of multiVAPE e-liquids on offer are all manufactured here in the UK, they contain pharmaceutical grade nicotine and multiVAPE’s unique flavourings.

Currently available in 14 flavour options and a choice of nicotine strengths, multiVAPE has flavours to suit everyone. multiVAPE and multiCIG are working on a variety of new products for the future, all designed with the consumer in mind.

As of May 2015, an estimated 2.6 million adults in Britain use electronic cigarettes, making ecigarettes the most popular method used by those looking to move away from traditional tobacco products.

The vast majority of e-cigarette users are smokers or ex-smokers looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco products, and the use of e-cigarettes for this reason has gained momentum hugely over the past few years, and is still increasing. On the other hand, the amount of tobacco cigarettes being smoked continues to decline, and with many tobacco users now looking for a less harmful alternative, there is no better time to stock electronic smoking devices, eliquids and accessories.

Statistics on smoking in 2015, estimated that 2.1 million adults in Britain use e-cigarettes and now we know that the majority of these are indeed women looking to kick the habit. Previous research indicated that the e-cigarette market had been dominated by men, but a survey of 36,000 customers showed that over half of users were female.

A significant consumer trend worth noting is the move to e-liquids. Those who are new to vaping will typically start off by choosing a tobacco flavour, but as they progress in their vaping journey they will often explore different flavours. Lower nicotine strengths are also growing in popularity. Battery and coil technology has improved and devices are now able to achieve a similar vaping effect with e-liquids containing a lower level of nicotine content.

Development in the e-cigarette market is predominantly going to be driven by the tobacco products directive and the effect it will have on the market. The TPD hopes to input a set of laws for e-cigarettes, e-liquids and vaping devices that will be applied to all products that are imported to or manufactured in the EU to ensure a minimum standard of quality and help regulate product safety. Each country will still be able to set their own rules on certain subjects, such as age restrictions and advertising limits, but the TPD laws will apply overall. As a result, we would expect the market to consolidate significantly with far fewer products available. It will become much more expensive and greatly extend the time it takes to bring a new product to the market.


multiCIG are investing heavily in readiness for the TPD regulations which come into effect next year which will effect virtually every product in this category. multiVAPE has and continues to develop its own product range in anticipation of these forthcoming changes and we are confident that we are extremely well placed to ensure our customers are able to continue enjoying their favourite liquids.

multiCIG is now recognised as the biggest UK independent e-cigarette brand, supplying vaping devices and UK made e-liquids to both highstreet and independent retailers across the country, as well as selling online through

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