Mrs Elswood is for the first time in its history launching Pickled Beetroot Wedges & Silver Skin Onions to expand its family of pickled vegetables!

In total, the brand is launching 4 new SKUs, 2 types of pickled Beetroots (Sweet & Spicy and Sweet & Tangy) and 2 Silver Skin Onions (Crunchy & Spicy, Crunchy & Tangy).

“Mrs Elswood is already an iconic brand in the pickled vegetable category & is the UK’s Number 1 Pickled Cucumber.

We are delighted to announce, exciting additions to the Mrs Elswood family with Pickled Beetroot Wedges and Silver skin Onions.”

Phil Nicolle – Sales & Marketing Director, Empire Bespoke Foods

For the first time Mrs Elswood is launching a new line of products outside cucumbers, utilising its 70 years heritage and experience in the pickled vegetable market. Where Mrs

Elswood cucumbers have been outperforming the rest of the pickled vegetable category with year-on-year growth of 22.1%, making them a must-have stock item.

Mrs Elswood will now be doing the same for the pickled beetroot and onion categories. Driving innovation with beetroot wedges, which will be unique to the market, and silver skin onions whilst providing good value for money and the same high quality you would expect from the Mrs Elswood brand. Now is the perfect time to stock up – as the Pickled Vegetable market is in a revival in popularity with consumers enjoying the sour flavours and delicious crunch whilst matching many dietary requirements, just like the existing cucumber SKU’s the new ranges will be Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-free.

The entire Mrs Elswood range is available to order right now!

Visit or call 020 8537 4080 for more information.

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