Following its full launch into the UK grocery and convenience channel in July 2016, Planters, the number one nut brand in the US, is set to air its first ever UK multi media campaign. Designed to communicate the brands personality and showcase its complete product portfolio, the campaign will be the UK debut for brand ambassador, Mr Peanut, already an established figure in the US who recently celebrated his 100th birthday.

Kicking off at the end of January, and supported with a £2.5m media investment, the brand-new 360- degree media campaign will recruit consumers looking for delicious and healthy snacks throughout the day. The 30-second ad, also available in three 11-second cutdowns, features a selection of scenarios in which Planters nuts can be enjoyed. From the office to the comfort of consumers’ homes, the ad highlights the diverse range of situations Planters nuts can be consumed. Featuring Mr Peanut parading with a number of other fruit and nut characters, the TV ads include a catchy tune to which the animated characters carry a pack of Planters nuts – showcasing the brand’s fun loving personality.

Since launch, the brand has achieved over £1m in retail sales to take it to the third biggest grocery nuts brand in volume in the latest 12 weeks. Accompanied with the strap-line ‘Deliciously Nut-tricious’ to highlight Planters nutrition credentials, the campaign will help to further increase consumption in the savoury snacking category.


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