Mr Organic, the company who makes all of its own chopped tomatoes, pasta sauces, passatas and ketchups, has announced a major breakthrough in creating a non-BPA lined tin for its organic chopped tomatoes. BPA has traditionally been required to stop contamination and spoiling of the tomatoes once they have been tinned. Mr Organic has worked with its tin supplier to create a non-BPA lined tin which retains the quality, taste and colour of its wonderful organic tomatoes, which come all the way from Italy and which are grown exclusively on the Mr Organic farm.

NEWnonBPAtimwithflashVincent Taverner, Marketing Director at Mr Organic, is quick to stress that “BPA in tins, unless you consume 500 lbs of it every day in your lifetime, is not harmful to humans. Each tin contains miniscule amounts. Having said that, we’d much rather have a pure product for our customers. So we’ve taken on their feedback and developed this tin. We’re immensely proud.”

Mr Organic rolled these tins out across its tomato range from the end of May, and will be listed at Abel & Cole, Wholefoods and Ocado, as well as many independents.

Mr Organic’s factory in Italy has been supplying some of the world’s leading brands for the lasts three generations. This equals a whole heap of Organic tomatoes – 30,000 tonnes a year. The Mr Organic brand was born out of one tomato-loving man’s need to have a strong voice in the food market; to inspire and make a change.

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