Morocco Gold, the award winning single estate, extra virgin olive oil, from olives grown and pressed in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains;  has secured its first major retail listings in Central London. From this month, Morocco Gold will be available to shoppers in the food hall of up-market department store Fortnum and Mason, as well as being on sale in premium food store Partridges, London. Both retailers have the royal warrant.

Morocco Gold is the first Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the UK market – and was brought to the UK in a unique British-Moroccan business partnership.

This superior quality oil has a subtle yet distinctive green fruitiness which comes from the Picholine olive. The oil has a fresh and vibrant flavour with a hint of herbs, a clean light finish, and the distinctive peppery sensation of extra virgin quality olive oils.

The sophisticated, integrated bottle design, incorporating a tamperproof cap and pourer insert, together with gold embossed finishing will create a real presence on the shelf.

Bob Watson, Director and co-founder of Morocco Gold says: “We are delighted and excited to have arrived in London with new listings in both Fortnum and Mason and Partridges. Both retailers are high-end and have a royal warrant, so it’s a perfect fit with our luxury single estate, extra virgin olive oil and foodie target consumers.

He continues: “It’s perhaps not a coincidence that these new listings come at a time when traditional European olive oil producers in Italy, Spain and Greece have been plagued by drought and disease which has seen prices soar and accusation of fraud and adulteration. Morocco Gold however is fully traceable, rigorously tested throughout its production to guarantee provenance, authenticity and extra virgin quality. With Morocco Gold we are looking to restore consumer confidence in the extra virgin olive oil sector again and set a new standard for authenticity in the market.”

Nestling in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, the Beni-Mellal region, about 200km from Marrakesh, benefits from a unique micro-climate ideal for olive cultivation. Centenary trees and traditional maasras (presses) testify to the centuries of olive cultivation since the Romans. Sustainability and care for the environment are at the heart of the olive production.

Morocco Gold olives are grown using only natural, traditional methods and generations of knowledge, hand-picked early in the season when the fruit is young, then cold pressed within 24 hours of harvest to guarantee extra virgin quality. The oil is pressed by a local cooperative which actively supports schemes to create employment for women in agriculture. Empowering women to participate in agricultural co-operatives gives them greater influence over household income and expenditures – which typically helps to reduce household poverty and benefit children.

500ml bottle. RRP £18.95. Available to the trade in cases of 6.

Trade customers interested in stocking Morocco Gold should contact the team on email or visit

Morocco Gold is a single estate, extra virgin quality olive oil. It is a pure and natural oil made from olives grown in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains where the unique geography and micro-climate create the ideal conditions for olive growing.

Morocco Gold combines the best of traditional, natural farming methods, with rigorous, certified quality control and traceability practices, to guarantee the provenance, authenticity and extra virgin quality of the oil.

Certified by the Control and Certification body in Morocco, Normacert, ONSSA (Office National de Securite Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires) and further tested by our EU certified laboratory   ensures that only the best olive oil goes into Morocco Gold.

The striking and sophisticated bottle echoes the shape of ancient amphorae but with a clean, modern aesthetic and is guaranteed to stand out on the shelf. The dark bottle, incorporating integrated pourer and tamperproof cap also helps to preserve the longevity of Morocco Gold.


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